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Baron's Last Gift to Warriors Fans?

I know I know...what could possibly be considered a "gift" at a time like this?

Well chiggy check it....

I went down to visit the fam and some ol buddies from high school on the 4th, and a buddy of mine told me he saw Mr. Cooper on an airplane that he took home that day.

I was like, "NO way!  I loved Mr. Cooper!   But didn't he do a crappy show on Comedy Central for a while?  Wonder what that fool is up to now?" 

Old school En Vouge!


So I went to the all trust-worthy Wikipedia...


And found this

"June 24, 2008 Mark Curry's publicist announced that "Hangin' With Mr Cooper: Warrior's Spirit" a remake of the mid-nineties TV sitcom is set to begin production in September 2008. It will be produced by NBA star Golden State Warriors Baron Davis, a long time friend of Curry. Also staring is Raven-Symoné reprising her role as Nicole Lee. The plot is said to be based on Mr. Cooper joining the Golden State Warriors."

Not much info I know...but hey, it's something!

Happy to see Mark Curry reppin the Bay on national TV once again!  This man was a true Warrior fan through it all!

Now here's the real question, is production going to still continue even though Baron is gone?  I'm sure he had a big pull in the whole matter of getting Mr. Cooper back on TV, but will he keep pushing even though he's not throwin up a W?  Seeing as though it's going back to the old roots of Mr. Cooper trying to join the Warriors, I'm gonna go ahead and assume there's going to be some necessary shots of the Roaracle and potentially of some Warriors players.  Hopefully this does see production cause I bet it'll be hotter than a Brandon Wright dunk!  (Any other ideas who to insert there seeing as though we have no other players?)

Happy to see Raven Symone back in action!

Any good memories of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper?

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