A Little Optimism

Hey Ya'll,

First time blogger. I just wanted to say that I started reading GSoM last year and have learned ohhhh so damn much since. I thought I followed the Warriors, but homeys are crazy. Thank you to those who are maintaining the site. Now to the subject of this post, "A Little Optimism."

This is a bit of a reach, but a little optimism would be good right now with so much negativity flying about. As already mentioned on some of these posts, I think Javaris is sick is shiet. I live in Socal (from the bay originally), and was able to watch what little time that Javaris got to play in LA. The way he gets up and down that court is lightning quick, and he plays 100% each time he is out there. He reminds me of Derrick Rose!!! Who knows what this guy could've done if he just went to one year of college. Perhaps he would've been a top 5 pick this year.  So if we were to somehow get Javaris and our young guys lived up to their potential, you are looking at a starting 5 that are comparable to.................

Javaris = Derrick Rose

Monta = Dwyne Wade

Randolph = Lamar Odom

Wright = Chris Bosh

Biedrins = (he is tough to compare to anyone but I was thinking maybe a Robert Parish?????)

So there you go. Not a bad line up at all. I told u it would be a bit of a reach, but imagined if these young guys pan out.  Although we probably won't make the playoffs for maybe 1 or 2 years, we can look forward to watching these young guys grow up together and eventually bring the Bay a championship. OPTIMISM at its best!!!! What else do we have left?

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