Sorry no source yet but I was watching ESPN news and Marc Stein just reported that Maggette agreed to midlevel(7-8 mil) deal with Warriors. Stein also reported the Warriors aren't done in the free agent market.

I'm assuming that Iguodala is out of the Warrior's sight. This will be a good alternative to Iggy and for a pretty good price. But my question is that I wonder if Maggette would play at the 2 or 3. I would say he's an upgrade over Azubuike.

Current Lineup:

PG: Ellis, Watson

SG: Maggette, Belinelli

SF: Jackson, Randolph

PF: Harrington, Wright, Hendrix

C: Biedrins, Perovich

I'd say that lineup is still mediocre. Throw J-Smoov in there and call it a day.

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