State of the Team and the Cap, post Maggette

We're still working with rumormill numbers, but as it appears that the cap is set at 58.68 mil, there's some real numbers to work with.  I'm hashing these out on the fly, so some things may be off, but they should be close.

If true that Maggette's deal is 50 mil over 5 years, he's starting at about 8.62 mil for next year.  What this means is that with Pietrus off the books, considering Foyle's buyout salary, penciling in Randolph's rookie deal and a min sal for Hendrix, we're sitting still with more than 9 mil under the cap.  That's what we have to play with. 

Azubuike can be signed independent of the cap, as can Ellis and Biedrins.  I'm gonna guess: 2.2, 9, 9 for the trio next year.  This keeps the team right below the lux tax if they spend the rest of the cap.

Is there something out there worth buying at that price?  Childress? Seems superfluous at this point since he's the same 3 that Maggs is.  I'd assume that Maggs takes the combined Pietrus/Barnes minutes.  I'd also assume that if Wright actually plays, this means the anemic rebounding Jax spends more time at the 2 where he can be the reasonable distributor big defender that we want paired with Monta.

Probably the best use of the cap is to see what happens in trades in the next couple of weeks. Not much worth spending big bucks on in PGs, so that will likely come as a trade. Cap room helps us in being able to make unequal trade, but unfortunately, the piece we'd most likely move is one that has a bigger dollar value.  Still, if Harrington can bring an adequate point guard, the team could be both exciting and productive again next year.

Here's more reality before a hundred all caps posts about Josh Smith:  it was going to take the max to pry Smith from ATL (or Iggy, even after Brand, or Okafor of Deng). 

So 9 mil to spend or swap with.  Anyone see a sub 9 mil point guard on a marginal team that might want to shed salary?

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