Faith lost

Mullin started off his tenure as GM, well, sucking big time (see his first 5 major contracts and most of his drafts).

After the Indiana trade, I had finally gained some faith in Mullin's ability to evaluate talent and make deals accordingly as GM.

I reluctantly saw the J-Rich deal as necessary. It seemed the W's were finally giving us reason to be optimistic.

Now, first, we lose BD, the heart and soul of our team, not to mention the best Warrior in a long time, and gotten nothing for him. The losing him probably wasn't as much Mullin's fault as it was his design, but getting nothing for him was his fault.

What does Mullin do? After he finally got our from under the horrible deals he gave to Murphy, Foyle, Dunleavy and to a lesser extent J-Rich- what does he do with that cap room? Give $10 M per year to a 6th man who to a degree duplicates two of our best players in Monta and SJax?

$3M more a year on that deal could have gotten us Josh Smith or Baron. I'm not saying either of those sigings would have been the wisest, but if you are going to spend $50+ M on a player over five years, get something better than fucking Maggette!

This stinks of PR desperation by the W's front office: they missed out on BD (or what they could have got for him), Gilbert and Brand all in a very short span. So, they decided they would just sign the next biggest name left on the market.

Gee, where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah, two years ago when the Giants tried to sign Gary Matthews, Jr., Carlos Lee, and Alfonso Soriano and missed on all 3. So, they signed the next biggest name left on the market: Barry "shit, look who's pitching today" Zito.

I by no means am saying Maggette is going to become a headcase and have the sharpest decline of his career, BUT he sure as shit is going to end up as a severely expensive PR move 3,2 or even 1 year down the line.

Plus, here are some interesting comparisons:

Baron Davis DOB: April of 79 Career avg. games/season: 60.8

Corey Magette: DOB: Nov of 79 Career avg. games/season: 65.4

So, if you buy the logic of not re-signing Baron b/c he was "old and injury prone" as I and many did, why the fuck would we give almost as much $$ to a player only 6 months younger and nearly just as likely to miss a significant amount of games each year?!

Idiotic, this was an idiotic move by Mullin and he no longer deserves my faith as a fan in his abilities as a GM.

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