The Offseason (not just Maggette)

This move definitely moves Monta to the point guard position, and the organization is essentially saying that Monta is the point guard of the future. He doesn't necessarily have the skills right now, but definitely has the potential and can develop into the point guard to run Golden State. First of all, with regards to the Maggette move, the Warriors are extremely lacking in terms of backcourt defense. Assuming Jackson is going to guard the premier scoring threat on the floor, which is usually the SG/SF, this means Maggette is going to defend either against quicker shooting guards or against larger small forwards, and we've all seen how Monta fairs in an on the ball defending situation (not very well). Anyways, I feel as though a point guard signing such as Carlos Arroyo or Jason Williams, would be better fitting at point guard because right now in this stage of Monta's career, he is still a pure shooting guard. However, if the warriors were to sign a point guard like an Arroyo or J-Will, Maggette would move to the Small Forward and this would create loads of matchup problems defensively. I guess what I'm getting at is whether or not this Maggette deal is what the Warriors were really looking for, I mean, I know he's a scorer and he will fill the scoring void that Baron left, but he's kinda just another roamer type of guy. Not that the Warriors ever worried about positions to be successful. To address the offseason, I get the daunting feeling that the Golden State front office is somewhat attempting to quick fix the roster, even when they have a young core. I think it may just be a result of all the long years of losing, playoff droughts, and all that jazz (not utah, lol). The question is then, can you essentially do what the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants are doing in baseball right now, and that is compete, while developing young talent to improve chances to be competitive in the oncoming years? My answer is, no, I don't know how yall feel about it, but in the tough Western Conference, you're going to have to give guys run who can put up the most productive numbers, and that means more vets than rooks/sophs. It will essentially be impossible to compete with unproven guys playing every night like Randolph, Wright, and Hendrix. I'd hate to see the Warriors continue with this offseason charge and end up trading draft picks, or even a Brandan Wright simply to gain a vet that only gets them into the playoffs. A trade including a Wright or a Randolph or draft picks would have to put the Warriors into the final four and a shot at a title. Don't risk the future just because the roster is isn't set. Please don't do it. Of course, it's all speculation.

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