Baron Davis Gets What He Deserves.....And Don't Forget To Boo Him Either

I strongly disagree with people who think we should be thanking Baron for his high level of play and even suggesting he's as big a hero as J-Rich. J-Rich was traded away; he had no choice in the matter while Baron decided to chase the money.

I don't care that Baron has made this team so much better when it had been maintaining a dynasty of crappiness for 13 years. The argument goes both ways when it comes to who helped who in terms of Baron Davis vs. the Golden State Warriors. Just as Baron Davis was the first star in a  long time that helped deliver fans one of the most magical seasons ever, the Warriors were a fresh start for Baron whose value was rock bottom by the time he left the Hornets.

He was known for his stubborness and poor attitude with coaches and his play was not up to snuff in his final days with NO. He's also injury prone. Those two things combined made NO get rid of him as soon as possible for anything, anything being crappy Dale Davis, Speedy Claxton, and a bag of Fritos. Even his first year here was marred by a poor relationship with Monty. Lucky for him, he experienced a renaissance playing under a players' coach like Nellie and is able to show that he still can play at a high level. BUT EVEN THEN, his reputation with coaches is still bad seeing how all of them spurned him in the All-Star selections this past season.

Point is, the Warriors gave Baron the opportunity to save his career, and thus, the relationship between him and the team is a symbiotic one. True, if it comes down to "loyalty," the team should have honored his contributions with a nice extension, but let's not forget that Diddy was going to make 17.8 MILLION DOLLARS next year so he should not be complaining.

I'm not trying to say this is all Baron's fault. I believe both parties were playing a little too much hardball and both equally deserve blame for the split. But because I am a Warriors fan first, I have to side with the FO. Baron is gone, he's not a Warrior, and it's not like he is the angel in all of this. Boo Baron when he comes back, go to Staples to boo him if possible, and definitely enjoy knowing that he stepped into a pile of manure while chasing money and will be stuck in it for years to come.

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