Time to trade

I'd like to present an option that has not really been discussed.  One player out there might be an intriguing possibility, but clearly a risk would be involved.  But let me frame this proposition in the same light that the Warriors acquired Baron Davis from New Orleans.  I don't think the Warriors will be starting Monta Ellis at point guard, it would mean a rebuilding year in the ultra-competitive western conference- and with the team giving Nelson another year as coach, it just doesn't make sense.  With the glut of forwards on the team, it is now obvious more player moves will be coming by way of trades.  You cannot play small ball without a point guard- you can do it without a center, but not without a point guard.

I think it's time to throw  Marbury's name in the mix.  Of  course after a buy out or partial buy out of his 20 plus million contract by the Knicks, which I guarantee you will come-  I don't think there will be a better talent available at the position.  It would be a true test of Nelson's coaching skills if he could get Marbury on board (emotionally speaking)- but I think it just might be worth the risk.  But if it's not Marbury- let me make this clear- it's time to go hard- I mean hard- after a first rate point guard.  There's nothing on the free agent board that comes close.

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