I am indeed looking at 2010 as the time we can begin our dynasty as
world champions of the crooked nba.  Why 2010 and not now?

Put simply, we cannot win it all now.  Boston, Lakers, Utah, San
Antonio, Phoenix, and Dallas all have better teams than us.  Keeping
Baron and adding a $10 million exemption player will not change that.
And no one (NO ONE) wants Harrington's contract.

However, in 2010 the above-mentioned teams will all be old and gone.  We
will compete with Portland for supremacy.  Our core of Ellis,
Bellinelli, Randolph, Wright, and Biedrens will be entering their prime.
And we'll have cap space (because of S-Jax & Harrington's contracts
expiring) to make a run at a max player - D-Wade or Amare or Bosh

Then why offer max money now for Arenas or Brand?  Because we can afford
to pay for one of them now, re-sign Ellis & Biedrens, and still have
good money in 2010.  But we'll sign a player now ONLY if we feel they'll
be healthy and productive in 2010 - 2013, our dynasty years.  And
frankly, we don't think Baron's knees, ankles, back, attitude will be
healthy in those years.

He sure isnt afraid to speak his mind but overall i like his outlook on the warriors. Saving money to build not just a good team but a dynasty. The warriors have alot of nice young people and why waste it be bringing in guys with a history of injury?

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