now what?

(let me begin this by saying that rather than signing maggette, i wouldve rather liked to see the warriors free up some more money to go further below the cap to try to sign deron williams next year (different discussion altogether on how and why)

Anyway since Mullin has decided to save face and appease the season ticket holders and gsomers (who wouldve burned him in effigy if he didnt do anything after losing baron) and stick to being a fringe 7-9 seed in the West, let us figure out who else is out there that the Warriors can get to solidify this 8th seed (hopefully).

If someone could give an estimate on how much money do we have left to sign other free agents after re signing Monta and Andris it would be helpful for this discussion.

Let's just assume for argument's sake that we have another 6-7 million to spend after the signing of Maggette (ho-hum) and Turiaf (barf), plus the impending departure of Al Harrington (maybe) for 8 mil? and also the Mid level exception who else is out there?  Here's some interesting names out there:

In no particular order:

Daniel Gibson (shooting pt guard with a horrible nickname)

Eddie House (hayward's pride CAN shoot)

Earl Boykins (gulp)

Delonte West (developing point and being funny does help)

Tyronn Lue (ugh)

Juan Dixon (combo guard)

Carl Landry (wouldve preferred this guy over Turiaf)

Shaun Livingston (buyer beware)

Ryan Gomes (undersized hardworker)

Sebastian Telfair (enigma)

Jannero Pargo (only one who had the cajones to shoot vs the spurs)

Bonzi Wells (combustible talent)

Carlos Arroyo (vet guard that can handle a press)

Keyon Dooling (TALL enough to pair with monta)

Louis Williams (monta 2.0)

James Jones (shooter nellie covets)

Anthony Johnson (big enough to pair with monta, 150 yrs old)

Brent Barry (only Barry not to play with the Ws)



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