First of I'm a diehard Warrior fan.  I've watched them all from Sleepy Floyd to Brandon Wright.  What Baron did was deceitful and dirty.  I believe he knew all year he was opting out, and WOW magically he plays 82 games in what turned out to be a contract year. coincidence? HELL NO!   He kept saying he was staying, so the Dubs took the best available player in the draft. Then just before the deadline he opts out!! WHAT!!!  If he was a class act he would've gave the Dubs a heads up.  Does Baron not know the history of the Warriors? Did he not know how much the fans have suffered?  We've repeatedly watched our stars get taken from us, and have their best moments post Warrior.  Yet he left the Bay which he claims to love so much!  He left the Warriors in a position where we were caught with our pants down.  Now we've been embarrassed by Baron, Gilbert, and Elton.  To top it off we panic and sign a no Defense playing Corey Spaghetti!!!   OUCH!!! Corey is not going to help this team at all.  Honestly we were better with the cry baby Pietrus.  He and SJAX were the only 2 Warriors who consistently played defense.  Karma is a Bi*tch!  Baron deserves to be booed out the building when he returns.  I don't understand how people can thank Baron.  He put this franchise in a horrible place just by THE WAY HE DID IT!

Don't get me wrong I LOVE the Warriors.   It all started with the trade of Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens.  Since that moment, I honestly I think we've been cursed.  Every time it appeared we were about to turn it around it falls apart again.  As a Warriors fan, I probably will never see a championship in my lifetime.  I know all the true Warriors fans, who bleed ROYAL BLUE and YELLOW, know my pain.  Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Oh yeah thank god all the fake band wagon fans will be gone again.   Bye Bye Snoop Dogg and Jessica Alba! You can go back to cheering for the Lakers. 

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