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I must say Mullin has surprised me every step of the way this offseason.  First of all basically forcing Davis to opt out (I'm over this and fine with it. Baron made a business decision. I cant blame him) and then offers a max contract to Agent 0.  Then he offers a max contract to Elton Brand.  ANd during all of this, Mullin and NEllie come out and say we are going to have a youth movement and develop our young guys.  This excited me becuase I was thinking wed be bringing in Iggy or J-Smooth. WRONG!!!

Instead what is the answer to this offseason?  Correy freaking Magette.  Don't get me wrong he is a good player but he was playing on a crappy team in a contract year.  SOmeone has to score and fill up a stat sheet you know what I mean.  Also, 50M for guy who does fit any need on our team...this is ridiculous.  No one was offering him more than a FMLE which is about 36M.  We overpaid I understand to get him to come to the warriors but for 14M, no thanks. Also, how is part of the youth movement being 29 years old and were paying top dollar for him until he is 34?  I see minutes being taken away from bellinelli and possibly AR with this signing.  THis is not going to help the young guys develop.  Also, Magette is definitely not the guy who is going to take a young guy under his wing and groom him into an a nba ready player.  Sigh...

I would have much rather have rather have paid Iggy max money since Philly signed Brand than sign Magette.  I mean atleast Iggy is a combo guard and could have tried to help us at point.  I mean I'm just being a realist, Monta is not the answer for PG, no matter how much Nellie or the fans want him to be Steve Nash, he just won't be.  He's tournover prone and well hes not a creator for others, only himself.  The signing of Corey Magette marks the unevitable "stuck phase" for the Warrirors.  Say hello to be the odd team out of the play offs every year for the next 3-5 years and then not getting any difference makers in the draft becuase well be picking from 10-14 every year.

Then I caught a break last night reading Kawakami's article reporting that most likely Magette is only going to be making 6.5-7.5M starting this year and the total contract was actually in the low to mid 40s.  THis excited me because he was thinking we'd have around 10-12M left over after signing monta and beans.  THis got me thinking, maybe we have a chance still to sign josh smith especially if we signed him first and then monta.  Then we could go over the cap and sign Beans since he is currently a Warrior.  But no no no.  Mullin has the answer right up his sleeve.

Surprise! We get the towel waving, happy face smiler out of Los Angeles who has a big heart (literally and figuratively) for a 4 year/17M offer.  Don't get me wrong I love watching turiaf but for 17M i don't and for 4 years!  Honestly, what does signing turiaf do for the warriors.  This completely stunts branon wright's time as well as Hendrix's time.  Seems to me Mullin does not care about the young guys at all.  However, my roomate made a good comment and thought maybe turiaf would be our back up center.  Maybe this could work, but I just feel he is not big or good enough to bang with guys like Yao, Duncan, Shaq, Howard, etc. 

I feel as if Mullin forgot that this isn't a video game where the money is virtual and there are no caps or penalties for over spending since it is a video game.  Seems to me all of you who were afraid to sign Iggy or J-Smooth beause it would hamstring our franchise well you got your wish we didnt sign either of them.  But now, our franchise is hamstrung and were Fed with a capital F.  Welcome to be stuck in mediocrity for the next 3-5 years and not having a chance to trying to sign any big names in 2009 or 2010.  All you can hope for right now is that Mullin calls you at your house and offers you a 5 yr deal worth 20M because you are the Warriors #1 fan.

*note Lakers can resign Turiaf if they match our offer.  I hope they do, he belongs in LA and is one of Kobe's best buds.  Only problem is Lakers are already over the cap, so resigning him might cost them double.

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