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Remember this? Antawn Jamison's Back to Back 51's

Antawn Jamison used to be my favorite player. I even saw him at Stoneridge mall once but didn't bother him. On the court, he's always seemed like a good guy. He's got some funky offensive moves, but he gets it done and puts up the numbers.

I was taking a trip down memory lane and remembered how he put in one of the greatest performances by a Warrior. Back to back 51 point games in the 2000-2001 season. The first came against Seattle and the next came against one of the best teams in the league, the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only did Jamison drop 51, but Kobe did as well. This is the only video I could find on it. So please excuse the Laker announcers and the "LakersRule24" plastered on the video. Funny how it's a video of Kobe's 51, Jamison scores 51 also AND the Dubs win (if I recall correctly).

It was the lone bright spot in an otherwise dreadful season. The crowd is LOUD and just going nuts. I wish I was at that game.

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