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Warriors Season Schedule

UPDATE: Thanks to "Warriors8" for posting the actual schedule in a Fan Post. I've hidden that fan post and posted it after the jump. Also thanks to "Dubs fan in Boston" for posting a link to ESPN's Games to Watch.


The Warriors season schedule is going to be released today. We'll get a chance to find out when Baron Davis will come back to town as a Clipper. As far as Dunleavy, JRich, and Foyle returning, I'm over it. No need to boo Dunleavy every time she touches the ball, give JRich a standing O when he gets introduced, or for the Warriors to give Foyle his own video montage during intros. 

It will also give us a chance to plan out when some of the top and hyped players come to town. LeBron, Kobe,

Bob Fitzgerald, on KNBR's Murph and Mac show, just dropped a sneak peak at the schedule with 4 little nuggets.

1) Opening Day is Wednesday, October 29 vs the New Orleans Hornets
I think it's at home, but I'm not sure. All I know is that it's going to be a rough opening to a season. CP3 is never fun, I'm hoping he gets a little tired out from these Olympic games, but I doubt it.

2) 24 of the first 38 games are on the road
Ugh. After the last 2 years of the majority of games at home during the first 2 months, the Warriors have to play on the road for the majority of the time. It'll be tough for such a young team who have lost their fearless leader who didn't care where he played. At least we still have Jax who enjoys sticking it to the opponent's crowd. Hopefully Monta can replace BD's toughness on the road. If this is not a good road team (last year's was very good), we could be looking at being below .500 in mid to late January.

3) 2 preseason games in China
The Warriors play 2 preseason games in China but I can't remember the 2 opponents. I think one was Milwaukee. It's a loooong flight and I'm sure China will be a culture shock to some of these youngsters. Will it be beneficial for the Warriors or the players in terms of basketball? I doubt it. But I'm sure some (many?) of them would not have visited China if not for these 2 games.

4) 8 games on national TV
The Warriors play 8 games on national tv. Shows the Warriors are getting some more respect and are being recognized as a team that people want to watch.

When the schedule actually is released, I'll include a link.


UPDATE: Nevermind, Fitz said it would be released in a couple hours but it's out right now.

Warriors Season Schedule


Upcoming Games
October Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Wed 29  vs New Orleans    7:30pm      
 Fri 31  @ Toronto    4:00pm      
November Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Sat 01  @ New Jersey    4:30pm      
 Mon 03  @ Memphis    5:00pm      
 Wed 05  vs Denver    7:30pm      
 Fri 07  vs Memphis    7:30pm      
 Sun 09  @ Sacramento    6:00pm      
 Tue 11  vs Minnesota    7:30pm      
 Thu 13  vs Detroit    7:30pm      
 Sat 15  @ LA Clippers    12:30pm      
 Tue 18  vs Portland    7:30pm      
 Fri 21  vs Chicago    7:30pm      
 Sun 23  @ Philadelphia    2:00pm      
 Tue 25  @ Washington    4:00pm      
 Wed 26  @ Boston    4:30pm      
 Fri 28  @ Cleveland    4:30pm      
 Sat 29  @ New York    4:30pm      
December Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Mon 01  vs Miami    7:30pm      
 Fri 05  @ Houston    5:30pm      
 Sat 06  @ San Antonio    5:30pm      
 Mon 08  @ Seattle    5:00pm      
 Wed 10  vs Milwaukee    7:30pm      
 Fri 12  vs Houston    7:30pm      
 Sat 13  @ Denver    6:00pm      
 Mon 15  vs Orlando    7:30pm      
 Wed 17  @ Indiana    4:00pm      
 Fri 19  @ Atlanta    4:30pm      
 Sat 20  @ Charlotte    4:00pm      
 Mon 22  @ Orlando    4:00pm      
 Tue 23  @ Miami    4:30pm      
 Fri 26  vs Boston    7:30pm      
 Sun 28  @ LA Lakers    6:30pm      
 Mon 29  vs Toronto    7:30pm      
 Wed 31  @ Seattle    5:00pm      
January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Fri 02  @ Minnesota    5:00pm      
 Mon 05  @ Utah    6:00pm      
 Wed 07  vs LA Lakers    7:30pm      
 Sat 10  @ Portland    7:00pm      
 Sun 11  vs Indiana    6:00pm      
 Wed 14  vs Sacramento    7:30pm      
 Fri 16  vs Atlanta    7:30pm      
 Mon 19  vs Washington    1:00pm      
 Wed 21  vs Oklahoma City    7:30pm      
 Fri 23  vs Cleveland    7:30pm      
 Sun 25  vs LA Clippers    6:00pm      
 Wed 28  @ Dallas    6:00pm      
 Fri 30  @ New Orleans    6:30pm      
 Sat 31  @ Houston    5:30pm      
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Mon 02  vs San Antonio    7:30pm      
 Wed 04  vs Phoenix    7:30pm      
 Fri 06  @ Phoenix    7:30pm      
 Sun 08  vs Utah    6:00pm      
 Tue 10  vs New York    7:30pm      
 Thu 12  vs Portland    7:30pm      
 Wed 18  vs LA Lakers    7:30pm      
 Sat 21  vs Oklahoma City    7:30pm      
 Mon 23  @ LA Clippers    7:30pm      
 Fri 27  vs Charlotte    7:30pm      
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Sun 01  vs Utah    6:00pm      
 Tue 03  @ Minnesota    5:00pm      
 Wed 04  @ Chicago    5:30pm      
 Fri 06  @ Detroit    5:00pm      
 Sat 07  @ Milwaukee    5:30pm      
 Wed 11  vs New Jersey    7:30pm      
 Fri 13  vs Dallas    7:30pm      
 Sun 15  vs Phoenix    6:00pm      
 Tue 17  vs LA Clippers    7:30pm      
 Thu 19  @ LA Lakers    7:30pm      
 Fri 20  vs Philadelphia    7:30pm      
 Sun 22  @ New Orleans    4:00pm      
 Tue 24  @ San Antonio    5:30pm      
 Wed 25  @ Dallas    5:30pm      
 Sat 28  @ Denver    6:00pm      
 Mon 30  vs Memphis    7:30pm      
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Wed 01  vs Sacramento    7:30pm      
 Fri 03  vs New Orleans    7:30pm      
 Sun 05  @ Sacramento    6:00pm      
 Wed 08  vs Minnesota    7:30pm      
 Fri 10  vs Houston    7:30pm      
 Sat 11  @ Utah    6:00pm      
 Mon 13  vs San Antonio    7:30pm      
 Wed 15  @ Phoenix  
Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

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