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GSOM Night Tickets Available Now!

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Warriors single game tickets went on sale today, and so did tickets to the first couple GSOM Nights of the year. I don't have a whole lot of time to go into detail (I will later) but wanted to get you all the info. See the post below for a little more info.

GSOM Night 5 - Opening Night
When: Wednesday, October 29
Opponent: New Orleans Hornets

GSOM Night 6
When: Sunday, January 11, 2009
Opponent: Indiana Pacers
(We tried to set up a game when some of the college students would be back in town. This is the closest we could get to that time period and we got it on a weekend)


  • First 500 people will receive a free Tony.psd designed t-shirt (always a hot item)
  • Entered in a raffle for merchandise, signed memorabilia, and future game tickets
  • First 125 tickets get to watch the Courtside Shootaround
  • First 20 kids, 16 and under, can high 5 the players as they come out of the tunnel
  • Chance to get on the Jumbotron
  • Watch an opening night game against the Chris Paul and the Hornets.
  • Watch the second return of the much-loved Mike Dunleavy and the Pacer team.
  • Hang out with at least 500 of your fellow GSOM members

GSOM in the Community
Remember that every ticket purchased automatically donates $2 to the GSOM Kids Fund. We're trying to donate tickets to organizations around the Bay Area to get as many underprivileged youth to a future game.

Also, the first 10 people to donate 2 tickets to the GSOM Kids fund will receive an autographed Andris Biedrins print.

Purchasing Tickets
Club 200 sideline: $55 each
Club 200 sideline for both games: $95 total (save $15)
Club 200 corner/baseline: $40 each
Club 200 corner/baseline for both games: $65 total (save $15)
Donate 2 tickets: $80

Contact Chris Murphy, Warriors group ticket sales rep to buy the GSOM Night tickets.
Flier: Download the flier (Word doc) , fill it out, and fax it

I'll follow up with later with more details, but wanted to give everyone an opportunity to buy tickets to GSOM Night.