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Making History: Al Attles and the 1975 Warriors


I was digging around YouTube last night and found some interesting videos on theW Warriors. I had considered sharing a "remember what Monta used to be like" video but thought better of it. Instead, let's take a trip down memory lane. Or in the case for some of us, take a trip to a time before we were born (how many of you ol' dinosaurs remember the Warriors championship?). Many of us know that the Warriors won the 1974-1975 season championship with Al Attles as the head coach. But not many of us know this coaching matchup made history:

"The 1975 NBA Finals between the Washington Bullets and the Golden State Warriors featured the first matchup of 2 black head coaches in a professional sports championship"


Al Attles at the end of the video:

"For as far as we've come, we haven't come as far as we think we've come, but we have to continue to work on it."


You tend to hear about the hiring of minority coaches in the NFL due to their policy of interviewing a certain number of minority coaches before making a hire. It's an effort to promote diversity amongst head coaches, but teams have been able to easily circumvent that. It's far from a perfect system and I don't know what the answers are. So while sports leagues in modern day attempt to diversify the coaching ranks, the Warriors not only hired a minority coach but won a championship and also helped pave the way for more minorities to get opportunities at head coaching positions.

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