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Poll: How many championships?

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Watching those videos of the Warriors' championship run in 1975 got me thinking of this team and where the future of the franchise is going. Obviously, the ultimate goal of any sports franchise is to win a championship. If an owner is in it for just profit, it's unfair to the fans and that person should no longer be an owner.

So, my question to you is, with this current team, barring any trades, the Warriors have pinned the hopes of the franchise for the next 5-6 years on Monta, Biedrins, and Maggette, is that enough to win a championship? Better yet, with Cohan, Rowell, Mullin and co leading the way, in the next 10 years, how many (if any) championships will this franchise win?

In the comments, leave your thoughts and perhaps answer me this, if you voted 0 or if you think they'll barely make the playoffs, what needs to happen to get us a championship?