The GSoM Political Thread, Part II

OK, the now legendary "Marbury diary" was getting impossible to navigate. 505 posts: that has to be a record for this site.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything sociopolitical. The other diary touched on, among other stuff:

• McCain/Palin

• Obama/Biden

• The "War" in Iraq, and war in general

• The death penalty

• The "liberal media"

• Big government

• Jeremiah Wright

• Adolf Hitler (see Godwin's law)

• Stephon Marbury

I was also thinking it could be fun to have a running "game thread" on the remaining debates, including Thursday's upcoming VP debate.

Anyway, if you want to keep the discussion going, rec this diary! It would be cool this time to hear from some of other people than the usual suspects. I respect young Sam's persistence, but by now I think he's made his positions on many of the issues pretty clear. Ditto for me, Skeptic, JAE, Droppin_knowledge, et al.

And as always: I know we all get heated with this stuff (well, I do anyway) but try to play nice.

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