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We Believe is Dead + Post #1065

Nas boldly proclaimed "Hip Hop is Dead" back in 2k6.


In September 2k8 it's time for us all to recognize that We Believe is Dead.

If We Believe should die before I wake
I'll throw on a Warriors Foam Finger and wave it all day
Roll to every game at the Roaracle and don't forget it all started with my boy the Fuzzy DJ
Roll to every game at the Roaracle and don't forget it all started with my boy the Fuzzy DJ 
We Believe just died this mornin'
We Believe just died this mornin'
We Believe just died this mornin'
And she's dead, she dead

We Believe 2.0 coming to a Roaracle near you in 2020!

We Believe was waiting 13 years for something worth believing in.


We Believe was the oddly small, but extraordinarily fast starting 5 of Stephen, Monta, Baron, J-Rich and Al making an improbable 15-5 run to make it all rest on one historic night.Gswar12350712_medium

We Believe was making it to 16-5 and finally, finally ending the 12 year playoff drought.W_blazers_medium

We Believe was everyone thinking we were just a bunch of thugs from Oakland when we were just all about being a T-E-A-M.


We Believe was Matt "who?" Barnes throwing it down on Dirk.Fullj

We Believe was Mickael Pietrus leading the charge by holding up a We Believe tee to further ignite the spirit of the Roaracle.


We Believe was Jessica Alba of "Ladies Luv of Us" fame flying up from ShallowCal- oops, I mean SoCal- showing the world just how fine it can be to roll with us.


We Believe was Stephen Jackson "not giving a --" about what they think and just doing his thang.


We Believe was Carlos Santana just being the badass that he is.


We Believe was Snoop showing some luv to his peoples in the Yay part of the Wessyde.

We Believe was the "We Want Foyle!" chants- the Roaracle faithful's way of letting opposing teams know that they just got served in the worst way in the East Bay.

We Believe was Thunder and friends getting this party started off right. (OKC got nothing on us.)


We Believe was Nellie's "team of schmoes" driving his former team and its Charmin soft fanbase absolutely nuts in the 1st round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs.Nellie-smile_medium

We Believe was J-Rich finishing them off with an exclamation point.Fullj

We Believe was Boom Dizzle putting it in that flat top.Bdavisdunk_627_070511_medium

We Believe was making a run at Kevin Garnett which would have added the final piece to the Hyphy-est Show on Hardwood.


We Believe was just Unbelievable, Unforgettable, and Unstoppable Baby!



We Believe is Dead.


We Believe is not stabbing the heart, soul, and class of Warriors Nation in the back. 

We Believe is not playing hardball with the closest thing this team has seen to an All-Star or big name since a man by the name of Latrell Fontaine Sprewell.

We Believe is not rebuilding x13 just to increase profit margins after deceiving season ticket holders two years in a row, making them pay increased prices for a product that they didn't get.

We Believe is not letting a 10 million dollar trade exception expire to save some dough. (Seriously Cohan and Rowell- have some pride in your product.)

We Believe is not running everyone off the ship to invest in two youngsters who were just complimentary pieces of We Believe. (Is there any other team in the league stupid enough to believe that investing the future of the franchise in two undersized players with gaping holes in their game and who can't D up their opposing matchup 1-on-1, at the expense of trying to foster a winning culture and playoff mentality NOW after a decade-plus of suck, makes any sense whatsoever?) 

We Believe is not investing 66 million in a liar who cost his team double digit wins and made many season ticket holders regret forking out their hard earned dollars to watch one of the worst teams in the Western Conference stink up the joint nightly. (By the way does anyone really believe that silly "low-speed" line from his camp?)


We Believe is not these bandwagon fans who vehemently try to convince decade-plus long members of Warriors Nation to be patient and that rebuilding is fun when you've been there/ done that x12.

We Believe is not getting openly dissed by both Elton Brand and Gilbert Arenas on the free agent market.

We Believe is not creating a toxic environment in which everyone is playing for a contract, not for W's.  

We Believe will never be anything remotely associated with an owner who doesn't have a clue. (Seriously is this guy a Lakers fan or something? That would really explain the past 15 years.)


But I digress. It has been an unBELIEVABLE ride. Back when we started this goofy little venture in May of 2005 on our little Blogspot show

  • it wasn't cool to be a Warriors fan
  • basketball/ sports blogs were still in their infancy
  • there was next to no mainstream coverage of this playoff-starved hoops club and high IQ fanbase
  • we were pretty much the only folks consistently and passionately blogging about this team
  • we were hilarious
Fast forward to September 2008 and it's a completely different story:
  • the band regularly travels on the Warriors' wagon
  • everyone and their mama has a basketball/ sports blog
  • the Warriors now get more than their fair share of mainstream coverage, although after this year's upcoming <30 win season it's going to be back to the "good ol' days" 
  • everyone and their mamma has a Warriors blog- some unstoppable and some well... They Got Suck.
  • well, we're still hilarious


Souls of Mischief- "93 'Til Infinity'

This is how we chill from 2007 till 2020.

I must say, these nearly 3.5 years have been Unstoppable Baby! It has been an amazing experience that has surpassed all of my goals. The best part about it has been all the golden people I've met and had a chance to work with on this project. I have learned a ton, while having a ton of fun. There's nothing more I can really ask for, which means it's time for me to move on. My 1065th post on GSoM is my last. 


We Believe it's time.


I will be moving to the equivalent of a "GSoM desk job" and helping my boys out with the behind the scenes action. We're all excited about transforming GSoM into a space that benefits the community at large. And we're all extremely excited about having your help in making that happen.

I thank you all for supporting this online community and everything it stands for. You're in good hands with my boys. Keep it in a golden state of mind.

1 Dub. 1 Luv.



Atma Brother #1


PS: See you at GSoM Night 5!

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