Should this really be Monta's team?

With speculation abound about the reasons Monta got injured, it got me thinking about whether or not Monta is the right guy to lead this team. I am not questioning the fact that Monta has superb skills as an NBA scorer, and heck, he could develop into a 6+ assist per night guy and average below 3TO/G. 

But, my question is: Are we 100% certain that Monta Ellis is the right person to lead the new-wave Warriors into a new dynasty (hopefully)? Or are we pinning our hopes on our first homegrown potential superstar in a long while?

Argument for:

He's only 22 years old right now. He's still learning as a player and as a person. Reported that his ankle/ligament surgeries will allow him to fully recover.

Argument Against:

Eliis may never get that maturity level-thing. Could this be the first in a series of events that plagues Monta's career? Each year Monta has gotten hurt in freak accidents. Could his body breakdown faster and earlier than normal? Is that worth a 6 year/$66M investment?

My thoughts:

I doubt that Mullin and Co. retract Monta's contract. Especially if this injury is not going to cost him anymore than the 4 months he's already going to be out. BUT, the truth should come out, whether the investigation proves that he did in fact get hurt during a workout session, or Monta comes clean and tells the truth. It will be better for the organization and for Monta himself. I can't imagine either side wanting to pursue this investigation and risk this situation getting any uglier.

Also, if i were Mullin, I'd look to cover my assets and look to acquiring another guard/wing player with the looming departure of Jackson coming up and Ellis' fragility. Watching the summer olympics, you could definitely see the parallels between the Euro style of play and the Nelson's style. Shooters at all 5 positions if possible, wing versatility, 3-4 playmakers on the floor at all times, and favoring the 3pt shot. With expectations being tempered now that Monta's out for at least the first 25 or so games, I wouldn't be surprised with a pick anywhere between 5-10.

A few names to trot out so that we can all keep an eye on: James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Tyler Smith, Demar Derozen, and Jrue Holiday. Harden, Evans and Holiday all have potential as average-above average playmakers from the guard/wing spots. I like Harden's overall game, but his outside shot is questionable. Evans and Holiday are more in the tweener molds than anything else, but they still have intriguing upside. Smith is a decent shooter, and could've gone higher than Courtney Lee at 21 of last year's draft had he not decided to head back to Tennessee. I put Derozen in there  just because he's an athletic wing player (very raw still) that the Warriors now lack. Although, he's still going to need someone to set him up. 

Well, thanks for reading. Got bored in between classes and decided to post a new diary for the first time in months.

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