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Warriors on the Web: Training Camp Roundup

[FJ Updated 10:20a]: Added a few more articles at the end of the post that came out this morning. Enjoy! The Baron Davis one is a good read.


Warriors training camp opened up 4 days ago and there have been tons of Warrior articles floating around the world wide web. I'm just going to try to compile some of them for your reading pleasure. The articles have covered everything from Monta's return to who's on the roster to life after Baron. The Warriors have even got in on theblogging action with their training camp blog.

First off, here's the training camp roster.

Day 4 News

Interviews with Don Nelson and Corey Maggette


Harrington Turns to Aguirre, Moncrief's Larger Role and Anthony Randolph, a Natural Power Forward

Nelson on Anthony Randolph:

“I think he has the ability to be a three some day and an awful good one,” Nelson said. “Probably four  is more of a natural position and it’s a little easier to play.

" I would think at 6-foot-10, that after being in the league three or four years he could play multiple positions depending on how he develops how to run games and how to be a point forward, which I think he has the skill to do.”


Hit the jump for more articles. If you have more articles to share, just drop them in the comments.


Monta Ellis Returns

Ellis' New Set of Wheels

Whatever trust or money or speed Monta Ellis stands to lose as a result of last month's moped misadventure, his confidence will not be among the casualties.

"I'm still going to be the fastest guy in the NBA with the basketball after all this," a resolute Ellis said after his arrival in Oakland.


Monta Ellis Arrives at Warriors Training Camp -- This Time on Four Wheels, Unfortunately

Monta Ellis rolled into the Warriors' practice facility on Monday morning, although rolled is a bad choice of words.

With one foot walking and the other resting on a rolling walker, Ellis joined his teammates for the first time since injuring his left ankle in an off-court injury more than a month ago in Jackson, Miss.


Monta: Unplugged (Kinda)

How long did it take you to get used to your new friend there?
Not long. (Laughs)

Did you pick that color?
Nah, he just gave it to me. (Laughs)

Going to put some rims on it?
Nahhh, I’m just going to get some spray paint and spray paint the spokes.


Life After BD

Adding Up Pieces in 2008 A.D. - After Davis

"What was I thinking? 'What are we doing?' " Jackson said. "But at the same time, I knew that we had to get better, and we're definitely better.

"I think we made the best we could do with losing B.D. We're a deeper team, a bigger team. Our size was a big problem last year, so we made some good adjustments. I'm happy about it. I think we're fine."

The Changing of the Guard

Incumbent C.J. Watson is entering his first full season in the NBA. Newcomer Marcus Williams has little experience in the Warriors' fast-paced offense. Rookie DeMarcus Nelson would be happy simply to make the roster.

The coach is giving the early advantage to Watson, but it's clear that Golden State considers the race wide open. The team is simply hoping for someone to emerge, and if that doesn't happen, there are always the trade and free-agent routes.


Miscellaneous Articles

Biedrins' Role Getting Bigger Every Season

The pick-and-roll between Andris Biedrins and Stephen Jackson is getting a symbolic upgrade this season. Warriors coach Don Nelson named the pair team captains Saturday - a nod to Jackson's leadership and, more importantly, Biedrins' growing responsibilities.

"Next year, maybe point guard, too" Biedrins joked.


Warriors Owner Must be Careful

For the record, both vice president Chris Mullin and head coach Don Nelson are working on the final year of their contracts. Neither has begun talks with owner Chris Cohan or his right-hand man Bobby Rowell on a new one, and neither seems terribly bothered about that, at least not outwardly.

But the problem of Ellis' punishment for mopedding his six-year, $66 million contract into jeopardy impacts Mullin and Nelson, because it seems clear that Cohan and Rowell want to make Ellis a bigger issue than Mullin and Nelson do, and if they aren't incredibly deft at getting their point across without alienating Ellis, they will have lost the face of their franchise over a principle that can be solved in any number of other and more creative ways.



Latest Articles

As He Begins Life as a Clipper Baron Davis Talks About the Warriors

Then there was Monday's San Jose Mercury News report saying that Davis and Warriors executive Chris Mullin had reached an agreement for a three-year, $39-million contract extension in June. Apparently the deal unraveled when Warriors President Robert Rowell refused to approve it, and the rest is history.

"Chris Mullin was always, like I say, as general manager, he was always in my corner," Davis said. "From the time I got there to our playoff run, he told me that he wanted me there as the future of the franchise and he wanted to keep me.

"I don't think that was his decision."


Ellis Promises Strong Recovery at Warriors' Camp

Ellis moved around the gym on a four-wheel scooter designed to keep him from putting weight on his left foot, which was in a cast.

"I asked him if that was the motorcycle he fell off of," coach Don Nelson cracked.


Marcus Williams Relishing His Chance with Warriors

"It's something different from the past two years I went through," Williams said. "That whole situation was a gift and a curse. When you're playing behind J-Kidd, you learn all you can, but you don't get to play. So I think now, this may be an opportunity to showcase my talents, showcase what I can do and what I learned. I'm looking at it like it's my one chance."


Maggette Defends His Defense

The Warriors' biggest free-agent addition poked fun at both his reputation as a less-than-active defender and the criticism he took from ex-coach Mike Dunleavy on Tuesday as he swatted aside concerns over his one-dimensional game.

"I'm a good defender, I don't know what Dunleavy was talking about," Maggette said, joking about his own reputation. "I'm just playing. ... Sometimes you slack on defense and you get that (reputation). But my job is to come out here and play extremely hard on both ends of the court."


Great Shot for Warriors' Undrafted Morrow

The first name out of Warriors coach Don Nelson's mouth — after the first session of the first day of training camp Saturday — may be surprising.

It wasn't newly acquired swingman Corey Maggette or new point guard Marcus Williams. It wasn't one of his old faithfuls, swingman Stephen Jackson or center Andris Biedrins.

The first player Nelson offered praise to was guard Anthony Morrow. Heard of him? He's the rookie out of Georgia Tech whom the Warriors signed after he lit up the summer leagues in Las Vegas and Utah.


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