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GSOM Night is Coming!


GSOM Night is coming back for the upcoming season. I've been working with Chris Murphy, Warriors group ticket sales rep, to keep the GSOM Nights coming and get us some good deals. We're trying to line up 3 GSOM Nights. The first will be on opening night, Wednesday, October 29 vs the New Orleans Hornets. The next 2 are under discussion. We'll start selling tickets as soon as we strike a deal with the Warriors.

If you don't know what GSOM Night is, it's a GSOM event where we get a deal on tickets through the Warriors to invite the entire GSOM community to a Warriors game. If you buy tickets through us, you get a free t-shirt, get entered in a raffle for tickets, signed memorabilia, etc, and basically hang out with a bunch of your fellow community members. We always have a great time no matter what the score of the game.

Check out the previous GSOM Nights:
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Hit the jump for one major project we're planning for this season's GSOM Nights.



GSOM in the Community
This year is going to be a little different. We're going to change it up a little bit and give back to the Bay Area community. GSOM is all about the community and doing what we can to give back. So, our big plan this year is to be able to donate tickets to underprivileged youth. We know there are some kids who have never been to a Warriors game but are dying to go so we want to help them get there. We're trying to help them get to a game and everyone who buys a ticket will be a part of that movement. The plan is to have 3 GSOM Nights. The first 2 nights will be fundraising nights such that for every ticket sold, $2 from each ticket will go to our GSOM Kids Fund. For the 3rd GSOM Night of the year, we'll purchase tickets using those donated funds and give those tickets away to the kids.

Considering the unstoppable-baby-ness of this community I have no doubt we can blow it out and get a serious number of kids to the game - for free. When you pay the Warriors for your ticket, you automatically donate $2 of that money to the GSOM kids fund.

I'll be honest, we haven't yet picked any community organizations to work with, so if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll take a look. All of us at GSOM are excited about being able to donate lots of tickets and we want everyone in the community to help us get to that goal.


Free T-shirts by Tony.psd
With every ticket purchased (up to a certain limit, usually the first 500), you'll get a free t-shirt designed by Tony. The last 3 have been collectibles and are nice reminders of these special nights so you'll definitely want to get one of these. I just met with Tony and he's got some special ideas up his sleeve. Expect some great looking t-shirts. Let's see if the Warriors will let him pull it off.


More Info
- We always try to keep the costs low for you but as you all may know the Warriors are raising ticket prices. So, this year tickets should run about $40 each and we'll be sitting in our usual spot in the upper bowl. Chris Murphy has mentioned that there will be a discount if you purchase tickets to the first 2 nights. I'll have more info on that in the upcoming days.
- For each game, the first 150 people to buy tickets will get to enjoy the courtside shootaround. This is where we get to go down courtside and watch the players warm up before the game - usually an hour and half before tip-off.


Getting Your Tickets
I hope to finalize these plans with the Warriors in the upcoming week and allow you to be able to purchase the GSOM Night tickets as soon as possible. Tickets will go quickly, so be ready to purchase those tickets when they become available.




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