Nominations for NEW GSW MASCOT?!



Based upon the amount of angst shown in another thread over the hijacking of our very own Thunder, I thought we could put our heads together and come up with some potential solutions.

It certainly is clear now that Thunder has been usurped by the former Sonics in OK:



And it would seem fairly unlikely that the two franchises would "share" that kind of mascot name so perhaps the Dubs will need to make a hasty substitution. Thunder is ready to pass the rock, but to who or what?


A renewed Warrior would be so obvious, but just as laden with public relations landmines as the Native American groups have worked diligently to erode the number of schools and franchises using American Indian logos or slogans as mascots. After all, our old logo wasn’t exactly the kind to inspire respect for Native Americans:


Those of you who live in the Bay Area may recall that Salesian HS recently had to change their mascot from the "Chieftan" to the "Pride":



Never mind that an interpretation of a Warrior could be of a strong, dedicated member willing to sacrifice their own life for the good of the community. And not all Warriors in history were Native American obviously.



So, where do we go from here for a new mascot? The simple solution would be to truncate the name simply to Golden State, drop the Warriors, and use the old logo:


Or maybe we'll just settle on "BOLT" as our mascot and use this?



But those would be boring solutions to an opportunity to do something creative!
How about thinking outside the box and going with a Warrior from another area?



No, that’s not me beside him, I have no idea who that is! If that's not the direction to go in, maybe we want to cross over into other categories, maybe we should try a more feminine approach?



This is my nomination:



The Vegas odds-makers have the first boring option as the most likely outcome, but I’d be willing to put my money down of Tony.psd as the clear GSoM favorite to come up with a new mascot, but there’s also ton of creative folks trampling through these parts. Hell, maybe we can even come up with something that gets adopted by GSW?!

Perhaps this seeming problem could be an opportunity to try something creative & new.

Drop your suggestions - and pix? - in the comments section.








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