the why post

Just to be fair, I'll type about all of them.

Why did the Warriors lose yesterday?Why couldn't they just fought a tiny bit more?

Oh why does the weather look so nice? But why am I indoor?

Why is Jamal a volume shooter? And why didn't he share the ball? (In the 2 and 3rd OT more?) Why oh why?

Why does the OT always bring out what is wrong with the team?

And why does Kelenna always get called for an offense foul? Why is he so easy to read? But why can't I ever read him well?

Oh why Brandan are you hurt? Why?

Why is romesdavidwood37 so awesome?

Why oh why....Andris can't you make them FT? Alright, I'll be soft on you since it just hasn't been there for you lately. But why did you have to foul out? WHY?

Why were the fans so lucky to witness a walking on eggshell type of game? Why am I so cheap? Why didn't I fork over the $8, plus another convenience charge....order processing charge. And ticketfast charge. And only $15 for parking.

And why are there two Anthonys? (I wonder if you guys ever get confuse.) Why were you so good in the 2nd OT? But yet, why did it appear that you lack on D? (yet, most of the guys...why oh why am I picking on you? Why oh why?)

Oh why is it only Thursday? Why?

Why does Ronny make Andris look like an All-Star? Humans have argue that Ronny role is described as more of a "backup" C than a PF. Can one argue that he was indeed having a bad night? Why Ronny? Did the autograph signing get to you? Why am I so hard on you? And why is it that I like you so much? Why oh why?

Wait, why is it that I like the Warriors so much?

Why did Jim or Bob lied and say that everyone was gonna play? Why wasn't Marcus part of the action? Why not...there's a PG right there!

Why wasn't Jermareo also in?

And why does it feel like an eternity to see how Monta plays? Why oh why?

Why do I feel like I'm forgetting someone?

Why do I still feel like Anthony Randolph is bench material only? And why did he tried to make his jumper again? Was I dreaming, or was that another repeat from a different play...but against the King? Anthony....why?

Oh why did Stephen have to injury himself too?

Why am I so poor? Why can't I just secure a winning lottery ticket? I'm not asking for a few...just one. With the winning jackpot numbers. Why are you so mean to me god?

Why do I suddenly miss Marco? And I never miss

And why was Corey so out of it yesterday? Aren't you known for FT...getting to the line? Isn't that your best asset? Corey...why?

Why is my post so long? Why are you reading it?

Why can't the Warriors boys learn how to draw fouls? Why don't they try to drive for the basket? Why not pump fake? Why oh why? Why?

Why was Rob in? Why does it seem like he's been having a lot of off days lately?

And why can't I be as intelligent as skeptic con urquell, sleep freud and jae? (just to name a few) Why god, are you so hard on me?

Why do I feel so sorry for Nellie?

Why do I like basketball so much? Why don't I invest my time in hockey? Why oh why?  And why can't I just start to like the Sharks...? Why oh why?

And why is CJ getting a lot of PRing from Bob and Jim? the trade inquires really true? Why CJ...are you gonna leave us? But...why?

Wait, why am I a Warriors fan again?

(Just to clarify  there were a lot of positives, but I'll let R-Dizzle post them. I shalln't be reponsing to the post, so have fun bashing, agreeing, insulting, educating, complimenting..anything. Let's go Warriors...still)




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