Ellis To Make Much-Anticipated Return Tomorrow Versus Cleveland []


This is pretty shocking. I can't tell if this is great news or terrible news. The Warriors will be much more entertaining, but you can't discount what GSoM buddy Matt Steinmetz notes- What Warrior fans should worry about: Ellis returns, team surges ... status quo. Are you going to cheer Monta Ellis, by far the Warriors most exciting player, when the starting lineups are announced? Or are you going to boo Moped Ellis, by far the single biggest reason the Warriors are 13-30? I'll probably do neither, but I expect a mix of cheers and boos- both seem deserved. A lot of question marks remain and there's only one thing you can bet all your money on. Monta Ellis and Jamal Crawford will form the worst defensive backcourt in the league. They'll be wildy entertaining on offense though with Jamal's sweet handles and Ellis to the Rim!