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Polling GSoM: Do you want the Warriors to retain the indefinite right to void Monta Ellis' $66 million contract?

From GSoM friend Tim Kawakami: The return of Monta Ellis: How much difference can he make? (thanks gswfan1)

* 7:10 p.m. update: I know you’re just dying to hear this… or NOT… but Ellis’ agent Jeff Fried tonight said that the Warriors continue to maintain that they have the indefinite right to void Ellis’ $66M deal, despite Fried’s protests. Fried has filed a formal letter of complaint over the issue, in addition to the previous all-encompassing grievance.

This standoff is not over, though Ellis is determined to make his comeback tomorrow night, with or without Warriors’ management contemplating a potential voiding."

I completely sympathize with Jeff Fried and Monta Ellis for not being the least bit happy about the Warriors trying to hold onto the indefinite right to void the entire deal because of Moped Gate. Legally (Disclaimer: My training is not in law) it doesn't seem to be fair to have double punishment over Ellis- fining him $3 million AND maintaining the ability to void his contract and leave him tens of millions "poorer" at any time at their sole discretion.

I typically side with the player over management to seemingly no end. However in this case as a Warriors fan I'm hoping the team can hold onto this right. If Monta doesn't come back 100% or isn't the same player he was or doesn't become the player he's getting paid to become because of that "low-speed" moped accident (uh-huh), I don't want this team's salary cap handcuffed for 5 long years because of a negligent violation of his contract.

Look at what happened to the Orlando Magic with Grant Hill. That was Orlando Tragic. Hill's injury was of course one that he sustained as a direct result of playing and wasn't negligent. To Hill's credit he was the utmost professional about it and handled it like a pro. The fact that he's still playing at the age of 36 despite having all the money anyone could ever want in several lifetimes and pursuing that ring is a testament to his love for the game. Props to him.

But that's just my vote, what do you think?

This is seriously the most entertaining day of this disasterous 2008-2009 Golden State Warriors season... by far. I figure around 11pm we'll hear about this trade finally going down. There's only one thing I can predict with full certainty- it will get even more entertaining.

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