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RECAP: Warriors 105 Cavaliers 106 - I HATE LeBron James

Final Boxscore | Open Thread (1400+ Comments)


You've got to be kidding me.

Two in a row? Really? I mean, REALLY? How in the world do we manage to lose 2 games in a row - one to the worst team in the league and the other to the best team - by last second shots?

What kind of hocus pocus voodo is going on in the Bay these last few days?

Ugh...I stand by my earlier statements.





He's Baaaaacckk!!!

And surprisingly good considering his injury. Yes, yes, he shut me up with his explosive play and crazy cuts to the rim. He obviously can still elevate (did you see those crazy dunks?) and he was one of the quickest players on the court.

But don't think for a minute that he's perfect. His midrange jumper, which was almost perfected before he was injured, was waaay off. I'm also not happy with his mere 3 assists - it's time for him to be PG, share the ball, and find Beans, Jack, Maggs, or Morrow as much as possible. Drive and kick man, drive and kick. But hey, I understand it's your first game back and you wanted to give the fans a show.

And man, Monta gave a show. High-flyin and speedy. The fans were roarin louder than ever and he changed the mentality of the players around him. Everyone played harder and with more heart than we've seen all year.

Can't wait to see him and Jamal in the back court!


I want Anderson Varejao to hug me


The Cavs are the best defensive team in the NBA. They allow less than 90 points a game and physically and mentally destroy other teams. They're considered one of the best in the NBA for a reason.

What's this? The Warriors put up over 100 against them? Fine, we do score a lot, but that's against a GREAT defensive team. I say we get the point in the column. Also, chiggy check OUR defensive statistics. We forced 11 turnovers and kept the Cavs, a good shooting team, under 45% from the field.

Mad improvement from the beginning of the season (I'm just tryng to see postiives here...)


Ignore the end result of this one. The kid played well.


Hmm...I kind of like that name. Maybe that'll catch on with the kids.

7 of 10 from the field and 3 of 4 from behind the arc? WHO IS THIS GUY? No matter how many times I see him shoot, I still awe over his amazing form and release. Man, if I only I could do this...but for now, I'm stuck with my ugly Shawn Marion form. Ugh.

Maybe he should be on the next betterbasketball video JJ Redick. That'd be awesome!

But in all seriousness, if he doesn't make the 3 point contest, I'm going to throw a huge hissy fit.


"The Force is strong in that one..I got it! LeBron as the main character in the next Star Wars trilogy..Sam Jackson's evil son!"

LeBron James

Someone please explain to me how this guy shoots 10-24, gets blocked by Beans twice, has two turnovers, airballs a shot in the last minute and then


I can't blame anyone on that play, great defense, and Ronny was right in his face. That was all LBJ magic.

"It's a great feeling, especially when you get it like that and then you hear the horn and the shot goes in and there's no way they can try to make a comeback at us," James said. "I wish everyone could get that type of feeling. It's unbelievable."

Unbelievable, indeed.

At least you got kool kicks.


GSoM Night 6!

Sigh, on to Sunday. Clipps coming into town, without Baron, and it's GSoM Night 6!

Get your tickets if you haven't already!


If we lose by another last second shot...


Unfortunately for ROMES, it ain't Belli

I really wanted to give this Stephen Jackson for the last second (or at least I thought it was) made shot. 24 points, 8 boards, and 8 assists - nearly a triple double.

But fine fine, Monta Ellis. You saw what he did.


We need to work on your poses. There's better, just don't do this....


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