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Polling GSoM: Scared of the Warriors?

What keeps longtime Dubs fans going strong after a blowout loss in Dallas to the Mavericks (a team we used to OWN) by this Golden State Warriors NBDL squad "featuring" the youngest (read: dumbest) roster in the entire association?

We Got Jokes.

In honor of the famous hijacking of the Mavs Moneyball community poll right before the 2007 1st Round "Shock the World" Playoff Series began, masterfully led by my boy Fantasy Junkie, here's a new one for GSoMers.

Circa April 19, 2007

Have fun with this guys. They seem to be having a great time out over in Mavs Moneyball Game Thread right now, so we should as well.

I know how I'm voting. The Warriors are so bad right now, I find them to be incredibly scary.

"Unstoppable Baby!"- Polling GSoM if they're scared of the Warriors after a 24 point loss to the Dallas Mavericks (2009)

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