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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Hornets


Crappy slogan. Awesome Peja sign.

Warriors: 14-32
Hornets: 28-14
Tip-Off: 6:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

Wow, 2 nationally televised games in a row? ESPN really screwed this one up didn't they? Ouch. I guess this was the best late game (after 6pm PST) to show. Check out the other ugly matchups: Bobcats vs Nuggets, Thunder vs Jazz, Bulls vs Kings. If I were ESPN, I'd skip showing this game and jump straight to bull riding. At least the clowns there are entertaining. Our clowns are downright ugly to watch.

The upside to this is the hope that Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson might cover this game again. How awesome would that be for them? Two straight Warrior games. Two straight games where they can ramble on about how bad this defense is. And also provide some fun quotes.

The big question tonight is, are we going to be exposed to the same garbage that we saw on Wednesday against the Mavs? Does this team have any respect for themselves? Does Nellie care whether or not this team sucks or will actually play hard (since they're not going to play smart)? I have to think that this team will play with some heart tonight after getting embarassed on national tv previously. Even if they don't win, they need to at least be competitive.

I was thinking about this earlier just for fun: Is there anything that the Hornets would take from the Warriors in a trade for Chris Paul? If we offered up any combination of players on the entire roster plus as many first rounders as they wanted, would they trade Chris Paul to us? I say no. Monta, Biedrins, Randolph, Wright, plus our next 10 first round draft picks for Chris Paul? I think they laugh and hang up the phone.

By the way, is there anything scarier than Jamal Crawford playing "defense" against Chris Paul? I know Jamal won't even match up with CP3 (Nellie's a genius!), Moped will guard CP3 which is equally scary.

Hit the jump for some scariness...


  • Hornets by 4
  • Peja vs Morrow: can this be a preview of the 3pt contest? (Please Mr. Stern can you get Morrow in there even though he doesn't deserve it?)
  • Chris Paul with 20+ points and 12+ assists with his eyes closed and only his left hand.
    Monta and Crawford combine for a +/- of -30
  • Corey Maggette with another 20+ point game off the bench
  • Rob Kurz plays 6 minutes

Here we see Hugo, the Hornets mascot, doing some scary things. What's the scariest?


Careful! Good thing the suit is flame retardent. I think he's safe.


Oh wow. This is quite scary. Only in New Orleans I guess.



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