Complaints about Ronny Turiaf.

Alright, alright, so maybe I woke up on the wrong side of bed and have nothing better to do...but why hasn't anyone complain about Ronny Turiaf?

Besides Marco, and Anthony M, Ronny has the most turnovers in traveling. That's right... traveling.

Sure. he appears to be a great guy...funny, entertaining to watch. BUT definitely not to watch when he always goes up on a block ...when it's a pump fake.

At any situation, all situations, he just goes up...and attempt to block, (because that's what he does..right?) and fouls that human..and allows a three point play. (sometimes)

Should I be thankful when he fouls less than 3 in a game? And not all in one quarter?

And for a guy that earns $4.5 million a year, (sixth highest pay in the Golden State) am I asking too much if he learns how to score? Like Yao in the paint? Oh wait, he's a center...Like Tim Duncan? KG?

A master at baby hook...Ronny and his baby hook. Or Ronny pump faking so he can get to the line!

Yes, Ronny do the things that they do to you! Vengeance can be sweet. Get to the line if you can't score!

(And don't argue about rebounds. For a 6'10" better be getting a lot of boards.)

Didn't they teach him anything in L.A.?

(On a side note...Ronny will have an autograph sess next Tuesday, Jan. 13. San Leandro is far too far for me, but please if you do go, please tell him how awesome I think he is. [not sarcastic here])

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