The Scary Truth about Don Nelson

I just realized why things are the way they are in Warriorland, it makes me sad and it's going to make you sad.

As I'm sure everyone knows, Don Nelson is the second winningest coach in NBA history, currently at 1290 wins.  Lenny Wilkens is #1 at 1332.  So the Don is just 42 wins short of holding that title. 

Now it makes sense that Don Nelson signed that bogus extension.  Now it makes sense that he's still coaching his way into senility. 

It makes sense why we extended Stephen Jackson to keep him here and happy, why we traded away Harrington for a worse contract, why we threw too much money at Maggette, Ellis, and Biedrins... It makes sense why Don Nelson won't use playing time to develop the rookies.  It makes sense why we didn't go into rebuilding mode when EVERYONE KNOWS WE SHOULD HAVE, but instead we've locked down our roster as if we're talented enough to contend for a championship. 

Don Nelson will not let this team rebuild, he cannot afford to let this team rebuild; he needs his 42 wins, even if it costs us the next 3 losing seasons to get them.

It's not about the team, it's not about the fans, it's not about the future of the Warriors franchise anymore.  It's about Don Nelson destroying our franchise to become known as "the greatest coach in NBA history".

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