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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Lakers - Screw it. Bring it!

That's really all one can say about a match up tonight, particularly when one is on the underdog side of the equation. Might as well go for the glory and put up a good showing against this stacked Western Conference powerhouse. Seriously, what do we have to lose? Certainly not our dignity; we gave that up far earlier in the season!

Well, we can lose the game I guess. Got me there.



"Hi there. Where do you keep your Kobe shaped items?"

Warriors (W-L) - 10-26

Lakers (W-L) - 27-6

Tip-Off: 7:30 PST


Radio: KNBR

While I'd like to pin all of my fears of losing on the power of Kobe tonight, unfortunately, we simply don't have that luxury. Where Kobe falls short comes Gasol. Where Gasol falls short? Bynum. And where Bynum fall short?

Ugh. Fisher...

Add to all of this the fact that (arguably) our best defender is currently riding the pine and you've got a messy equation. Seriously any situation that holds the possibility of Marco guarding Kobe is not good.

But enough with the negativity. The Celtics left our house shell shocked. It would be great to rattle the heads of the big boys down south!


  • The Oracle keeps it LOUD. Lakers are intimidated.
  • Double Double for Wright. you heard it here first.
  • Randolph gets less than 10 minutes. I scratch my head.
  • Kobe? 30+ No getting around that one.
  • Lakers by 7. I mean... Warriors by 1.

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