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Dream League: A Bay Area Hoops League


GSOM friend, Rich aka Poor Man's Commish, over at Dream League, the Bay Area's largest recreational basketball league, wanted us to extend an invite to the entire GSOM community to join the upcoming fall-winter season of hoops. It's the best game in town for those looking for a competitive (at many different skill levels) and extremely well-run league. If you recall, Rich posts under the screen name "dreamleague" and has provided tons of in-depth player analysis during the NBA's summer league in Vegas. He takes that passion for hoops and puts it into his league. Some key things to know about Dream League:

  • NBA rules apply (e.g. 24 second shot clock)
  • Top notch refs at every game (4 have even made it to the NBA!)
  • 7 game regular season, everyone makes the playoffs (double elimination if you're .500 or above)
  • Previously an Asian-only league. They have now opened it up to everyone

Atma and I have participated in multiple seasons and have been impressed by the quality of the league. If you're looking for a competitive game of hoops, you have one week left to sign up for the upcoming season. If you do, mention that GSOM referred you by typing in "gsom" at the registration page. Good luck!

The latest a team can start is 10/25. REPEAT: all teams MUST start by 10/25, which means the absolute deadline for paying is 10/18.