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CHARITY BIDDING THREAD: Golden State Warriors Opening Night 2009-2010 Tickets... 8 Rows Up!

Bidding Has Ended!

UPDATE (4:03pm): Longtime GSoMer Rich Twu of Dream League fame (represent!) won with the auction equivalent of a sweet last second jumper. Congrats! We'll be sending $200 to the Oakland Parks & Recreation department  thanks to Rich. 

We're always looking for fresh and innovative ways to use GSoM as a vehicle to empower our local Bay Area communities. If you have any ideas definitely feel free to drop us a line.


UPDATE (11:13am): The bidding is currently at $190 with about 1.25 hrs remaining. Don't miss out on your chance to catch opening night 8 rows up AND donate to your favorite charity!

Originally posted Oct 12, 2009 3:45 AM PDT

As you all know opening night against the Houston Rockets is GSoM Night 7 [order tickets online] . And as you all know we'll be rocking the flyest practice jerseys ever to grace the hardwood. We'll also be swishing our free throws like Anthony Morrow from downtown.


While Allen Iverson talks about PRACTICE?!, we talk about PRACTICE JERSEYS! around these parts.

But what you didn't know is that you can score the GSoM season ticket pair for opening night AND make a donation to your favorite charity.

Section 107 - Row 8 - Seats 5 and 6 


The golden view from the GSoM seats... 8 rows up!

All of the details after the jump!

To place a bid on these two lower bowl tickets (Section 107 - Row 8 - Seats 5 and 6) post a comment with: 

1) Your bid amount (minimum increase on previous bid $10)

2) The charity you would like us to donate your bid to



  • Bidding starts at the combined face value of the tickets $170.00.
  • You must raise the previous bid by $10.
  • Serious bidders only. You must be able to actually pay the amount you bid. In the unanticipated case that the winning bidder for whatever reason cannot make the payment, the 2nd place bidder (and so on down the list as necessary) will be named the winner.
  • You must be 18 or over to place a bid.
  • We would strongly prefer if the charity you chose was not political, ethnic or religious-based.
  • Bidding ends Monday October 26th 12:30pm PST- Please email us at by that Monday night 11pm PST  to coordinate ticket and donation transfer
We've held many ticket giveaway contests and such in the past here at GSoM, but this is the first one of this nature that we've ever done. Please bear with us through any difficulties as this is somewhat of an experiment for us.

Bidding too high for you? Have no fear. Join your fiends from the GSoM community in the people's section by grabbing some GSoM Night 7 tickets!

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