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Ronny Turiaf – Still Gettin' Hyphy :: 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Player Recap and Previews

Oh Mr. Turiaf, how I enjoy having you around. Yes, through the dark days and the rough games, you've seem to bring a smile to my face. Why's that you ask? It's not the funny accent, the hyphy dance moves, or the big smile on YOUR face (although I do love those things.)

It's cause you love animals!


I guess you get an extra big teddy bear when you're extra big like Ronny!

I like how I get to write about my favorite players year after year. Check out what I said in his previous Player Preview and Recap.


Maybe this guy just needs better fans around him that will appreciate what he brings to the table and with our "defense," I can see this man grabbin boards left and right while Beans gets some time to rest. We need this man to do essentially what Austin Croshere was supposed to do last year...let our starters get some rest and make sure we don't get destroyed on the boards. Bare minimum - he won't be a Warrior killer. That's a good enough reason to get this guy on our team.

Boy, do I enjoy being wrong. Grabbin boards left and right? That's it? Austin Croshere? What in the world was I thinking?

Let me count down the ways I love Mr. Turiaf.

3. He has the flyest French accent ever.

Ronny Turiaf takes Franco Finn on the Cribs Tour!

Listen to what this man eats for dinner!

2. Every game with Ronny is a party - A BLOCK PARTY!

1. He's just happy to be here!


First down! Wait...wrong sport.

YESSSSSSSSSS! I get gummy bears after the game!


Wait, if I get 3 Blocks I get free Chipotle? REALLY?!?!



So Goofy.

What can I say? Ronny's just Ronny - and you gotta love him for that. He's not about to be an All Star any time soon, but who cares? He brings the fire every night and he does it with a huge smile. Coach Nelson and the rest of the teammates only speak great words about him and what he contributes.

Stephen Jackson used to be my favorite player, but as the drama continues, it's getting harder and harder to support him. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that Tender-Ronny is exactly what I enjoy about basketball players - hard-working, fun loving, and just happy to be there. Through the Youth Movement, he's never complained, never made trade demands, hell, I rarely hear his name in the Warriors Tabloids (trade rumors or other types of drama). He's exactly what we need for the Young Gunz and that makes me happy.

There aren't too many bright spots this year, but I'd put my money on Ronny Turiaf making this enjoyable.

Ronny Turiaf

#21 / Center / Golden State Warriors



Jan 13, 1983


If I were to meet any of the Warriors players tomorrow, I'd want it to be Ronny Turiaf. (I already got the chance to meet Anthony Morrow, which was dope!) Fun guy sure, but he's been through a lot health wise and to see him on the court playing hard and having a great time - it's really inspirational. I appreciate that.

Can't stop, won't stop Ronny. Keep doin your thang my man.

2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Preview

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