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Macro-Warriornomics - WE BELIEVE WE SUCK :: GSoM's 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Preview (Part 2 of 2)

Don't forget to check out Part I of our 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Preview super blowout special- Micro-Warriornomics

Macro-Warriornomics class is now in session...



How does a team go from this:


to this:


in less than a 2 years?

ANSWER: Four words- Chris. Cohan. Robert. Rowell.

Sure the WE SUCK movement is back in full effect for Cohan's Warriors, but that doesn't mean we're not looking forward to the start of the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors campaign here in Dubs Land.

Jump to find out why WE SUCK is still going to be exciting!

2k8-2k9 Golden State Warriors Rewind

Last Year's Record: 29-53

After the wildly entertaining ups and downs and highs and ultimate highs of the 2006-2007 season and the mediocre, but entertaining non-playoff 2007-2008 season, the Warriors 2008-2009 season was a complete disaster. Pre-WE BELIEVE the Warriors were mockingly "Unstoppable Baby!". During the short lived but thrilling WE BELIEVE era they were a SHOCK THE WORLD variant of "Unstoppable Baby!". However last season they were mostly "Unwatchable Baby."

From silly turnovers, to numerous mental lapses, to dumbfoundedly saddling a legendary coach in his twilight on the sidelines with a young and raw team with questionable mythical upside, to Moped Gate, to ZERO defense, to an absurd amount of media hysteria for mostly the wrong reasons-- Cohan and Rowell's product last season was not worth the price of admission, which was incredulously a sizable increase over the previous season. (Apologies for the run-on, but to be honest all of last year was on one big run-on for this franchise.) There were so many times last season when we couldn't even GIVE away our lowerbowl seats to Warriors games for FREE. (I wasn't joking about the "Unwatchable Baby.")

Thankfully we get to move on.


The Warriors need some serious "Computer Assistance" in real life.

[NBA 2K10 Golden State Warriors Style]

2k9 Golden State Warriors Offseason Rewind

Key Losses

The Chris Mullin Publicity Stunt

Back in 2004 when Warriors owner Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell promoted Gary St. Jean "protege" Chris Mullin to VP/ GM it was nothing more than a silly little publicity stunt. Over the course of his 4 years at the Warriors helm his best move was getting saved by his former mentor Don Nelson. Despite what the media would like you to believe partly because of their bizarre vendetta against Nellie, Mullin was 1) not improving as a GM and 2) is a major reason for the Warriors current disarray with his silly trades (giving the New Jersey Nets a 1st round pick for a fringe NBA player in Marcus Williams) and odd obsession with constantly getting younger and rawer with a lot of b-rate talents, but never building a team to win in the present.

Don't get me wrong. It's hard not to root for Mullie. He's a nice guy and wanted to create an atmosphere that players (regardless of how overpaid or untalented) would want to be a part of. Those are both commendable qualities.

But the media at large and the average Warriors or NBA fan blew Mullie's dismal way out of proportion. He should've never been hired. He deserved to be fired. The problem is that the two guys who fired him (Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell) also deserved to be fired.

Also see: The Mullin Myths: Chris Mullin made the Warriors a franchise players wanted to join

More on the Mullin myths to come...

JC and his 50

In a year of ultimate unprofessionalism from this organization from top (Mullin not seeming to even care that Monta Ellis single-handedly ruined the entire season and Rowell handling it as poor as anyone not named Monta) to bottom (veteran players like Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette, and Ellis not even showing up to Fan Appreciation Day at the final home game), there was one constant source of professionalism and that was Jamal Crawford. JC was a true class act here.

I'm in the minority here in Dubs Land, but I actually found Crawford facinating to watch as well. Sure his landslide "victory" in the 2008-2009 WDWY (Worst Defensive Warrior of the Year) polling wasn't a fluke and his shooting percentages, rebounding rate, and assist rate left something to be desired. But watching JC drop 50, routinely put on a stunning display of "You can't guard me sucka!" with his silky smooth handles, and uncanny ability to draw fouls while launching trey's was a rare visual delight amongst the "Unwatchable Baby"-ness.


JC will be missed.

More on JC:

  • BREAKING NEWS: Warriors and Hawks closing in on Jamal Crawford for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton swap
  • Exploring the rumored Crawford for Claxton and Law Trade: CBA and salary implications
  • Asking GSoM: Atlanta Hawks fans want the 411 on Jamal Crawford
  • The Marco Belinelli Hype Machine

    The Marco Belinelli Hype Machine has thankfully left the building. I still contend that the Toronto Raptors just traded for Jiri Welsch 2.0 and Belinelli probably won't even be in the league in 2-3 seasons.

    The Warriors contract dumping of Belinelli is further evidence of Nellie and GM Larry Riley's confidence in Anthony Morrow. It's also an indicator that they both know the definition of "meritocracy" unlike a lot of Warriors fans and local/ national media who inanely hyped this guy up to no end and made almost as many excuses for him as the "golden age" of Mullin's blind affection for Mike Dunleavy.


    Not just Warriors and NBA any more...

    GSoM now has you covered for all your furniture needs!

    More on the futon:

    Fear the Goggles

    Don't get me wrong, I as well the local media, national media, Nellie, and Dubs fans are pretty amped about Stephen Curry. But the Warriors could've had Amare Stoudemire if they were willing to part with Curry on draft day 2009. Amare Stoudemire as in the first legit PF they've had since Chris Webber back in 1684 (it's been awhile) and Nate Thurmond back in 1472 (it's really been awhile).

    Hopefully the Warriors can resurrect some trade talks with the Suns later this season for Amare Stoudemire. This deal intrigues me like nothing else.

    Amare 2 the Bay:

    Warriors Fire Thunder

    Okay it happened last offseason, but man I miss that guy and his inflatable alter-ego. Good times man. I hope you're tipping some Sprite up their with 2Pac and Biggie for us down here in the Bay.


    Very sad indeed. Traumatizing actually.

    Fine, I'll admit it.

    I'm suffering from PTTS- Post Traumatic Thunder Syndrome.


    "The Autobiography of Thunder" needs to be released.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Key Additions

    Umm let me put this succintly as I can... N/A.

    The key word there is "Key". The Warriors did nothing "Key" this past offseason other than potentially making a nice selection at the #7 slot with Stephen Curry aka Masala aka Kid Curry.

    After a disastrous 2k8-2k9 season that couldn't end fast enough, it was abundantly clear that this roster was in dire need of change. The Warriors pretty much promised a major shakeup, but alas these were nothing but delusions of grandeur. The Warriors had an absolutely meaningless offseason in terms of roster moves.


    (Now that we got rid of the word "Key" we can get down to business.)

    Miikki Moore

    I'm just happy he's on the home squad and not on the visiting team.

    As Yay Area fav E-40 would say:


    Expiring Contracts

    Why did the Grizzlies trade Pau Gasol to the La Lakers for basically nothing? Why did the Timberwolves trade Kevin Garnett to the Boston Celtics? (hint: it wasn't Al Jefferson)

    Take at look at these contracts that come off the books after this season (via HoopsHype):

    • Speedy Claxton- $5.2 million
    • Acie Law- $2.9 million (team option for 2010-2011)
    • Devean George- $1.6 million
    • Mikki Moore- $1.3 million
    • C.J. Watson- $1.0 million

    That's potentially upwards of $12,000,000 in fun money. Some possibilities.

    2k9-2k10 Golden State Warriors Projections

    Biggest Strengths

    Roaracle Faithful

    There's two constants for the Golden State Warriors:

    1. THE SUCK
    2. The best fans in the entire association
    We could go on and on about #1, but let's take a second and appreciate #2.

    <long second>

    Especially before WE BELIEVE the Golden State Warriors have always had some of the smartest and savvy-est fans in the league. Loyalty would be an understatement.

    Golden faces.

    1 Dub. 1 Luv. is more like it.

    Likable Young Players

    There's plenty of reasons not to warm up to vets like Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis.

    But Stephen Curry, Anthony Morrow, and Anthony Randolph? That's a whole different animal. It's hard not to root for these guys.


    The Anthony's plus a little masala is a-OK with me.

    They're young, they're exciting, and the expectations might be a tad bit too high for them. But they'll be fun to watch and root for.

    Expiring Contracts

    I can't stress this one enough. If the Warriors actually use these chips intelligently they've got a shot at something nice, real nice.

    The 2nd (soon to be 1st) Most Winningnest Coach in NBA History

    More often than not the Warriors will have the coaching advantage on the sidelines. There is no other coach in the league that can do more with less- which is especially relevant here since the Warriors will have less more often than not this season. For all the drama that he brings for a variety of reasons (not all his fault), Nellie is a master hoops tactician and that can't be denied.

    By the way if you're reading a Warriors preview or article on a national mainstream outlet and they routinely refer to CWebb-Nellie parallels, it's a BIG clue that they haven't done their homework and unfortunately know that sensationalism = more web clicks.

    By the way if you see baseless and inane "FIRE NELLIE!" rants from a Warriors fan every time something goes wrong, it's a BIG clue that they didn't live through The Dirty Dozen: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 either because they're too young or they didn't realize there was a basketball team in California other than the LA Lakers till the 2007 NBA Playoffs.

    Nellie and Riley as the Shot Callers

    When the Warriors unceremoniously dumped Chris Mullin to much (mostly unfounded) fan and media backlash, they promoted Nellie's buddy Larry Riley to the GM spot. Riley doesn't have the most distinguished resume based on his numerous NBA stops, but unlike the Warriors previous hire he actually has credentials and experience at all levels- coaching, scouting, and management. Unlike the Warriors previous hire, he actually sounds prepared at interviews and seems to have a vision.

    It will be great to have a head coach and GM that are finally on the same page. You could tell Nellie wasn't exactly enamored with Mullin's player pickups and rightfully so (the Adonal Foyle- Troy Murphy- Mike Dunleavy front court?, Kosta Perovic? Marcus WIlliams?).

    There's a great piece over at SFGate about new Warriors GM Larry Riley that's definitely worth the cost of a click.

    Jim Barnett, Tim Roye, and The Razor and Mr. T

    I wanted to take a quick second to highlight some folks who don't get much national media attention though they're quite golden. There's a lot of clowns working under Cohan's regime and in the local Bay Area media who we'll leave unnamed, but these guys are more than legit.

    Jim Barnett of Barnett's Law Fame. Barnett is the Warriors color TV commentator and is old school smooth in every way imaginable.

    Tim Roye of Elevation Sensation fame. Roye is the Warriors radio announcer and does an absolutely superb job despite having announced so much suck for well over a decade.

    Ralph Barbieri of Amici's fame and Tom Tolbert of Run TMC fame. The Razor and Mr. T host the weekly Don Nelson Show on KNBR here in the Bay Area. If you've never heard Nellie's show with Ralph and Tom you're missing out.

    Biggest Weaknesses

    The Human Powered Turnover Machine

    Barring no injuries and if Monta Ellis can make through the season without hopping on a "low-speed moped", it's a pretty safe bet that the Warriors will lead the league in turnovers. Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette, Anthony Randolph will be the main culprits. Rookie Stephen Curry will probably add to the turnover totals considerably, but we will excuse the rookie.


    We'll be using this picture quite a bit in our recaps this season.

    Low Hoops IQ

    Top to bottom this is one of the dumbest rosters in the league. It can be painful watching them struggle to throw the simplest inbounds pass. Part of that is being young, but most of that can be attributed to players who simply aren't that sharp on the court and off the court. We'll just leave it at that. We're not in the business of hurting the trade value of players on the home team- well at least today.


    Media Day 2009 typifies the "Captain" Moped silliness. I'll pass the mic to my man DT from the mighty Fear the Beard: Hater Tuesday: Warriors media day special edition:

    What the hell kind of team can't even get media day right? Show up, look happy to be a well-compensated professional, say some nice things to move some tickets, and go home. But no. Not our Dubs. They've got to make this into a public spectacle of dysfunction. And at the center of the storm? The team's two best players. First, you've got Captain Grinch telling us that, yes, he still wants out. Then you've got Monta telling us that, no, he doesn't think Nellie's backcourt plan will work. Great. Where do I sign up to give Chris Cohan that disproportionate share of my disposable income for my delusional "great time out?"


    Don't you hate it when your "Captain" is running away from the mess he helped create?

    It's very difficult rooting for these guys.


    Playoffs?! PLAYOFFS?! You wanna talk about playoffs?

    Actually it's really quite simple. There's really only 2 goals. It takes 2.

    1. Fire Rowell

    Simply put, Robert Rowell's ascension and solidification as a front office executive on a half billion dollar corporation defies reason. Our recent Q&A with San Jose Mercury columnist Tim Kawakami reaffirmed what we've know for years around these parts: No other NBA team would be dumb enough to have him as an executive:

    But there is no support for him as a franchise-runner and everybody knows he's not good at handling people, despite the handful of loyalists who remain in the Warriors employ, There's definitely zero respect for the public front-office chicanery/zaniness of the last year or so.

    In fact, I got calls from NBA execs wondering what Rowell was doing when he signed Jackson to the three-year extension, and got calls from the same guys laughing their butts off when Jackson made his public trade request. His dance with Nelson, also, is amusing to NBA folks who know Nelson well.

    So no, I don't think Rowell would get a job in any high position in the NBA if Cohan would grant him free agency. Maybe he could be a marketing guy for a D-League team?

    Marketing guy for a D-League team. No disrespect to the fine folks at Ridiculous Upside (where you can always find out who will be the next Warrior), but that's pretty hilarious.


    Seriously can we get Thunder back already?

    2. Chris Cohan Sells the Warriors

    From the Archives:

    There really isn't much more to say that we haven't said already, but I will say this. Warriors fans Nirvana isn't winning a championship. It's living to see Cohan sell this team and ending his failed attempt to kill all interest in pro hoops in the Bay Area.


    Maybe "Weekend at Cohan's" is better than 16 Years with Cohan?

    We'll happily take a championship though.

    Projected Finish- "Let's Get IF-y!"

    Let's take it back to Computer Science 101 for all our many Silicon Valley readers out there and utilize the ominpotent If statement.

    If the Warriors don't make any moves and stay healthy, they're headed for 34 wins and the 10th spot in the West.

    If the Warriors continue their injury prone ways (which has a high likelihood with players like Corey Maggette), they're headed for 29 wins (again) and the 12th spot in the West.

    If the Warriors cash in all their trade chips and bring in an All-Star caliber big man a la Amare Stoudemire before the season is lost, they're headed for 48 wins and a low playoff seed with a bright and exciting future ahead.

    Don't Forget Who We Are

    A lot of folks might not have had the "privilege" of following this team and fanbase before the mainstream sports media and even many local media outlets here in the Bay Area cared to pay attention. When it comes to suck, the Warriors having been doing it for years:


    Ain't nothing new here!

    We're used to it.

    Is there another region of hoops junkies who rally around something like this?


    Golden State Warriors rookie Marc Jackson to the Mavericks' bench, after hitting a lay-up during a 29-point loss (2000)

    This is who we are.

    I remember 3 years ago (pre-WE BELIEVE, pre-bandwagoners, pre-most regular national and local media coverage of the Warriors, pre-everyone and their mamma starting a Warriors blog because they can type even though they're borderline illiterate) when we launched The W Column for FSN Bay Area (now Comcast Sports Net Bay Area). Each of the GSoM writers answered the essay question we posed for our contest America's Next Warriors fan: Why I love the Warriors even though they've missed the playoffs for 12 straight seasons. Here's what I wrote:

    I'm a Golden State Warriors fan because I'm in a golden state of mind.

    The Bay Area sports soul is fragmented in professional football (49ers and Raiders) and baseball (A's and Giants) as well as college athletics (Cal, Stanford, San Jose State, and Santa Clara University), but not in pro hoops. The Warriors are a unifying force in Bay Area sports. They represent the Bay and are a rallying point for all of us. Every time the Warriors win it's like throwing up a big W for the entire Bay. That's golden.

    Almost every night out at the Arena and on the road the Warriors aren't supposed to win. It's that "shock the world" mentality that breathes life into Warriors Nation. That mentality ignites our interests even when the Warriors aren't within sniffing distance of the playoffs. It fuels our Bay Area hoops soul. That's golden.

    It might sound silly that the Warriors officially play for "Golden State", but there's nothing silly about being in a golden state of mind. That my friends is truly golden.

    (Make sure to read the rest of that piece for some more golden words from DJ Fuzzy Logic, Fantasy Junkie, YaoButtaMing, and Hash.)

    Despite the constant dysfunction junction off 880 on Hegenberger Ave., for me persoally nothing has changed.

    We might be waiting awhile here in the Bay Area, but we WILL shock the world again like we did back in the spring of 2007 with WE BELIEVE. Oh it might take another 12 year playoff drought. Oh it might take Nellie coming back a third time to coach the Warriors in 2020 in his 90's. Oh it might take another wacky and improbable run with the Warriors qualifying for the playoffs on the last day of the season. But it will happen. We WILL SHOCK THE WORLD AGAIN.

    This is who we are.


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