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GSOM Night 7: Get Your Tickets!

A few weeks ago, we announced GSOM Night 7 for this opening night vs the Houston Rockets. It's been a few weeks, so here's your friendly reminder that there are still tickets left for purchase if you haven't got yours already. This year's Warriors may not win a lot but they'll definitely be entertaining. I'd pay admission just to admire Morrow's sweet shot (rather than Jax) 20 times a game, see how good the kid-who-held-up-the-Amare trade is, and watch "the other Anthony" blow up. You can purchase tickets online and make sure to check out the info below:

Tickets (purchase tickets online)
- Club 200 Sideline (Sec 218-220): $30 each ($10 discount)
- Club 200 Corner/Baseline (Sec 222-223): $25 each ($10 discount)

- First 150 tickets purchased can go courtside during the pre-game shootaround. (First 150 have been sold)
- Each ticket is entered into a raffle for Warriors tickets, memorabilia, and prizes.
- Receive a specially designed Tony.psd giveaway item (what will it be? oh the suspense)
- Discounted tickets

After the jump, check out what happens if you don't buy tickets...


Andris will go crazy



Jax will sing the national anthem



And Turiaf wil play the point!




Prevent the above from happening and buy your GSOM Night tickets. We're not Warriors' ticket salespeople, but the more GSOM community members at the game, the louder the arena gets and the more fun it is for all. I'm sure you'll have a great time at the Warriors game with fellow GSOM community members. You never know, you could actually meet those people whose comments you laugh at, agree with, or disagree with.



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