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RECAP: Preseason Game #1- Golden State Warriors 108, LA Clippers 101- Meaningless Fun W!


Clips guard Eric Gordon #10: "Man, Morrow is smoooooooooove!"

Final Box Score | SBNation Game Page | Clips Nation

GSoM Game Thread (860+ comments... for a preseason game? This place is Unstoppable Baby!)

GSoM make you wanna JUMP! JUMP!


  • Warriors held 2010 Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin scoreless. Like Public Enemy- SHUT 'EM DOWN!
  • Anthony Morrow aka AMMO aka Chocolate Rain dropped 21 points in 25 minutes on 72.7% FG and 66.7% 3pt. Plus he managed to sprinkle in 3 dimes and 1 interception.
  • Kelenna Azubuike with 19 points and 10 boards and 1 swat.


  • Anthony Randolph went 3 for 13 from the field.
  • Monta's BFF Stephen Curry shot 2 for 10.
  • Nellie has good reason to believe Azubuike should be his starting center opening night.
  • Stephen Jackson got a technical foul for arguing with a replacement ref in a meaningless preseason game.

Wait did "Captain" Jack just call a tech on himself?



San Francisco Chronicle Warriors beat writer Rusty Simmons provided some great quarter-by-quarter analysis of the game:

Let me guess- Corey Maggette drew a foul here.

Stephen Curry(notes), the Warriors' first round pick, made his debut in the second quarter, recording six assists. He finished with nine and was 2-of-9 from the field.

"Anybody who plays with Curry is going to be the beneficiary of open looks," Warriors coach Don Nelson said. "He sees the court so well. He doesn't look like it but he has quick hands and quick feet. He's going to be a special player someday."
Warriors "Captain" Monta Ellis was not available for comment.

Exhibition #1: Ws v. Clips - Inside the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson

I’ve heard in the rumor mill, from a few objective insiders, that Stephen Curry has been giving Monta the business in practice. Specifically, Curry’s been pulling and nailing mid-range jumpers at will. Undoubtedly, Monta has been returning the favor. But no one expects Curry to be able to guard Ellis. But it’s pretty interesting, I think so at least, that Curry is having his way with the starting point guard.

I will tell you one thing, Nellie is bubbling inside about Curry, and Sunday was a bit of evidence as to why.

One thing noticeable about Curry is that he sees the floor and he’s good at finding the open man. Add to that the threat of his stroke, and you’ve got a match-up problem. Him on the floor with Anthony Morrow gives defenses fits because they both get their shots off quickly, and Morrow forces the defense to spread out. CURRY: “I know where guys want the ball, which is something a point guard needs to know. Especially in our system, there’s a lot of movement, so knowing who to get the ball to in what position is something that will make us better.”

Boom Dizzle still loves the Bay: Golden State Warriors : Baron of the Bay

"There are great people in this organization and some of the most amazing fans in sports history," said Davis, who led the Warriors' upset of top-seeded Dallas in 2007. "There are a lot of people who love me for what I did for the Warriors. I'll always have love for this place. "Always."

More importantly as our colleague Matt Steinmetz uncovered The Beard is back!

Baron Davis Davis Says There's 'Something Brewing' in Clipperland -- NBA FanHouse

"I want to put the work in and I want to show people again," Davis said Sunday night before the Clippers-Warriors exhibition opener. "I don't want to talk about it, really. There's nothing for me to say. I grew my beard back. That's all you need to know." So, what does the beard mean? "You know what it means," Davis responded.


BOOMing at a Staples Center near you!


Rookie Curry impresses in a hurry at point - San Jose Mercury News

But unfortunately for the Warriors, Curry can't play power forward. Wright's injury leaves the team with a noticeable hole at power forward. Wright was arguably the Warriors' best inside scorer, so a primarily jump-shooting team is even more in need of high-percentage offense.

Golden State could pursue a trade. But a team source said the Warriors would only give up their expiring contracts or take on a non-expiring contract if it was for a player they really wanted.