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Corey Maggette - The 6th Wonder of the Oracle :: 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Player Recap and Previews

Sure he's a little overpaid... maybe a lot overpaid. But the real question is, what is in store for Corey Maggette this year?!

Hopefully 70+ games. Please please please 70+ games...


*clunk* "Ahhhh! My head!" Out 10 games.

Okay, all joking aside. If we can manage to have Maggette on the floor for the better part of the season, we're going to have a powerful scoring backup forward that knows how to get to the line. And I have no problem with that.

Check out some Maggette after the jump!

Like his heavy contract or not, it's tough to deny that Maggette isn't a offensive force. Last year Mags averaged 18.6 ppg, and 5.6 boards per game, a considerable contribution for our leading non-starter.

The issue with Mags is, is he capable of making a bid for more? Before the dabaucle that was media day, Nellie had already come out and said that Maggette will be starting the season in the role of 6th man again.

Corey Maggette will be the sixth man. If Curry starts, Ellis plays the 2; if Azubuike starts, Ellis plays point and Jackson plays the 2; if Morrow starts, Ellis plays point and Jackson plays 3; and if Wright starts, Randolph moves to the 3 and Jackson plays the 2.

It's clear that Nellie is going to bring in his scoring capabilities when needed, but the priority this season will be building up the young guns to run this team. Poor Maggette. But then again, just because he's paid $9 million doesn't mean we're going to get $9 million worth of talent, right?

Corey Maggette travels six times in 1 play (via srntv)

That's an average of $1.5 million per travel!

All in all, nothing much has changed in the world of Corey. As an inside bruiser, we can only hope that he can stay healthy for more than 51 games (last year) so our go-to-guy off of the bench isn't *shudder* Devean George.

C'mon Mags. Tough it out! We need you!

2009-2010 Golden State Warriors Preview


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