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GSOM Night 7: Jersey Giveaway & Free Throw Contest

Originally posted Oct 9, 2009 @ 1:23pm: Thanks to the hard work of Chris Murphy and Tony.psd, I'm excited to announce 2 major additions to GSOM Night 7: a free Tony.psd GSOM jersey and an on court post-game free throw contest! To participate, purchase your ticket through GSOM.

Opening Night: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 vs Houston Rockets @ 7:30pm

Tickets (purchase tickets online)
- Club 200 Sideline (Sec 218-220): $30 each ($10 discount)
- Club 200 Corner/Baseline (Sec 222-223): $25 each ($10 discount)

- Receive a specially designed Tony.psd GSOM jersey
- Compete after the game in a free throw contest on the actual court
- Each ticket is entered into a raffle for Warriors tickets, memorabilia, and prizes.
- First 150 tickets purchased can go courtside during the pre-game shootaround. (First 150 have been sold)


1) Tony.psd designed Jersey
We're changing it up with the free giveaway. Instead of the usual Tony.psd t-shirts we give away, the Warriors and GSOM have collaborated to give away a limited edition Tony.psd jersey for the first 500 GSOM Night tickets purchased. We've gone with the old school city style with the Golden Gate Bridge and the cable car on the back. Except this time we're going with the older royal blue jersey and the design in yellow. So far 200 tickets have been purchased, so there's still time to pick up one of these for free.



2) Post-Game Free Throw Contest
For every ticket purchased via GSOM for opening night, you'll get to take part in a post-game free throw shooting contest on the actual Warriors court! Yes, you get to pretend you're at the line in a tie game with no time left in game 7 of the NBA championships. The details and prizes have not been quite worked out yet, but we will get them hammered out so everyone can enjoy the experience. The prize should be you get to be Andris Biedrins new free throw shooting coach, but I don't think that'll happen. Practice your free throws and I'll see you on the court!



Couple Quick Notes
1) There were some questions earlier about when purchased tickets will be mailed. They were mailed out on October 7 for those who purchased early. For those not mailed out on October 7, they will be mailed out every few days.
2) Just to be clear, if you've already purchased your GSOM Night tickets, you're still entitled to the jersey and free throw contest as well.




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