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GAME THREAD: Preseason Game #2- Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers - Take Two.

Originally posted Oct 9, 2009 1:05 PM PDT

Did I say Warriors by 3?!  Nah. Couldn't be. You must have misread the prediction.

No need to scroll down. Trust me. It was you.


"HMMMMMM. No sir. I don't like it."

(Bonus points if you get that reference.)

Warriors (Preseason W-L) - 1-1

Lakers (Preseason W-L) - 1-0

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Lakers v. Warriors. Take 2! JUMP.

The Good

  • Randolph looked great out there last game. 4 blocks = BEAST.
  • Nice offensive showing by Morrow.
  • Nice surprise from Acie Law. I'll take it!
  • Team went 31-35 from the charity stripe. Free points! Get your free point here!!

The Bad

  • Monta injuring his ankle before the season? At least it was playing basketball this time.
  • Kelenna riding pine.
  • Wright riding pine.
  • Turiaf riding pine.
  • Devean George. 'Nuff said.

The Ugly

  • 6 turnovers for Curry
  • 5 turnovers for Mags
  • Stephen Jackson - 1 for 9. Uncross those eyes fella.


  • Ellis (listed as probable) plays. Drops 20+
  • Acie Law does NOT drop 16 again.
  • *ahem* let's try this again! WARRIORS BY 3!

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