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GAME THREAD #7: Warriors @ Pacers - ROAD TRIP!

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Minnesota or not, Monday's game was a great way to close off our West Coast stand and head off for battles on the East Coast. Every now and then it really comes in handy to have a sacrificial lamb to beat up on.

Kind of the rest of the league is looking forward to doing to us...

But hey, the season is young and we're only two games out of .500. So let's pack our bags and head to Indiana to visit a few of our old friends, shall we?



Remember this guy?

Warriors: 2-4

Pacers: 2-3

Tip-Off: 4:00pm

Radio: KNBR 680

TV: CSN Bay Area

Blog Buddy: Indy Cornrows

Here's a decent test in consistency. One peek at the posts at our friends over at Indy Cornrows, and you would think they were talking about the Warriors. Injured players. Slow start. Lots of panic. Sound familiar?

Despite the fun we always get seeing our friend Dunleavy and Murphy again, we may not be treated to their presence on the court. Dun is out with a knee injury, Murphy is listed as day to day. Add to that the fact that Danny Granger is out with a bruised heel and we're going to be up against a limping opponen.

Not that that has stopped them before...


Indiana, New York, Milwaukee, Cleveland, then Boston.

Some potential good games, some potential bad games, and some potential UGLY games. But yes, I'd say that we are capable of walking away from this journey with 3 out of 5 W's. I'm sure you can guess where they will come from.

That being said, today is one game that we really should be able to put away if we are as good as we would like to think that we are. One can only hope that the team chemistry we saw against Minnesota will display itself as we square off against this incomplete Pacers squad.

Win or lose, we're going to be in for a treat. GSoM friend Feltbot has stepped in to cover the recap on today's events. While we're not going to get any classic Funleavy Foto Fun, rest assured you're in for some quality analysis.

(Hopefully it's in the wake of a win)


  • Monta goes for 25+
  • Randolph pulls in a double double
  • Warriors by 5


Would you trade Captain Jack back to Indy for Dunleavy?

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