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Polling GSoM: What exactly won't Monta Ellis do?

As mcwalter44 alerted the GSoM community yesterday in MT2 Reports: Nellie and Monta clash the Dubs Drama continues.

From MT's blog:

ELLIS: "Coach. Why do I get blamed for everything?"

NELSON: "What have I ever blamed you for?"

ELLIS: "For everything. For everything. For people not knowing the plays. I didn't do this. I didn't that."

Nelson waved both hands at Ellis, as if to brush him off, and walked off shaking his head.

Ellis: "See. That's why I won't do it. I just won't do it."

Is Monta Ellis just anti-Nike? (JUST DO IT- sorry, bad joke.) What exactly won't Monta Ellis do? Make sure to rock the vote.

Jump for some more thoughts about the Dubs Drama.

A little more context from SFGate:

According to a Warriors player, Nelson reprimanded Ellis in front of his teammates. The player said Ellis wasn't the only one who wasn't quite ready when practice was scheduled to begin at noon, but the guard still took the brunt of Nelson's anger.

Basically Nellie yelled at one of the leaders of the team (both paid and marketed to have that role- which he willingly signed up for) to be more punctual and set a better example for his teammates. Nothing wrong with that, especially when the Warriors are in a terrible state of hoops disarray. This team needs order in the worst way.

A true leader, a true star, a man handed the keys to the franchise needs to be the first and last guy to practice. When the coach demands him to be that man, he needs to step up not inanely and esoterically whine about what he won't do.

Sadly after foolishly running out the likes of Jason Richardson and Baron Davis (destroying WE BELIEVE) to build around him, Monta Ellis has shown to be none of the above. Do you think Tim Duncan or even Tony Parker throws a tantrum or continually displays poor body language approaching Ellis' or makes dumb, cancerous comments or behind the scenes via his agent to the media every time Coach Greg Popovich screams at them? Don't think so.

The Warriors, mostly by the doing of Chris Mullin and Robert Rowell, have foolishly invested and built around the wrong cast of characters. It was obvious that building around a flawed and undersize 2-guard with low hoops IQ and maturity, Antoine Walker 2.0 (inefficient, empty numbers) with cancerous tendencies and a history of violence and questionable decisions, a soft and unskilled center, a one trick scoring machine, a bunch of raw talents not ready for primetime (that is, if they're ever ready for this league), and a few D-Leaguers was a unilaterally DUMB idea. Yet Mullin and Rowell proceeded to do so. Mullin was rightfully let go and the same should have happened to Rowell.

Now Larry Riley has to clean up the mess while his buddy and Hall of Fame bound head coach Don Nelson is getting unjustified censure from the local and national media and fans alike. We hear this oft-repeated mantra that Nellie is the wrong coach for this team. Well guess what? There is no right coach for this dysfunctional roster "led" by two immature malcontents. No coach can win this band of misfits. The best of coach in the history of the NBA of winning with outcasts is already here in Oakland and he can't do it.

There is no "right" head coach for a young and dumb team.

Young teams lose.

Dumb teams embarrass themselves while losing.

And by the way this has nothing to do with the Don Nelson-Chris Webber drama back in 1994. Anyone who brings that up is knowingly trying to confuse you or hasn't done their homework.

Now don't get me wrong- Chris Cohan is a complete failure as an owner of a big market NBA team and Robert Rowell is not exactly the classiest or qualified executive in the league. Does Don Nelson make some coaching moves you question? Sure. Has GM Larry Riley done all that much but unload bad contracts thus far? Not really.

But let's not excuse the continued foolishness from the Warriors "leaders" and their quack agents.

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