Thank You, Jack

Really and truly. The recent ugliness shouldn't obscure the fact that you gave us some awesome moments. As a wise man once said, "I'll never forget you and love you in spite of your faults/The good and the bad, I want to remember it all." I know how you love your Waylon Jennings, Jack.

You brought swagger to a team that had forgotten what it felt like. You reinvigorated Baron. You covered for hundreds of defensive lapses (early on, anyway). You mystified Dirk Nowitzki. You nailed threes on fast breaks and laughed as you ran back down the court. YOU ENABLED US TO DUMP MURPHY AND DUNLEAVY! All that stuff was awesome.

Did you go out like a jackass? Sure. But it should be noted: your jackassedness was not solely your fault. Robert Rowell gave you a contract extension befitting a star; Don Nelson gave you the huge minutes and offensive leeway of a star. If you think you're better than you are, it's partially because this franchise did too, and foolishly told you so.

Good luck in Charlotte. If you kickstart that team the way you kickstarted ours three years ago, the NBA will be a much more entertaining place.

Fare thee well, you lovable, maddening, crazy, crazy man. It has not been boring.

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