Stack Jax for Radman: The Numbers

But seriously, let's take a look at the numbers, shall we?


2009/10: $7.65 million

2010/11: $8.45 million

2011/12: $9.26 million

2012/13: $10.06 million

2013/14: Free Agent


2009/10: $2,216,160

2010/11: $2,940,844 (Team Option)

2011/12: $4,026,015 (Restricted Free Agent)

2012/13: Free Agent

I'm under the impression that the Warriors had already declined the team option for 10/11, but this isn't being reported anyways. The BETcats can either keep him for $3M or not, it's their choice.


2009/10: $6,466,600

2010/11: $6,833,800 (Player Option)

2011/12: Free Agent


2009/10: $5.25 million

2010/11: Free Agent

Bobcats combined contract obligations to Jackson & Law:

2009/10: $9.87 million

2010/11: $8.45 million

2011/12: $9.26 million

2012/13: $10.06 million

2013/14: None

The Bobcats owe these guys a minimum of $37.64 (including $18.32 million over the next two years)

Warriors combined contract obligations to Radmanovic & Bell:

2009/10: $11.72 million

2010/11: $6.83 million (Player Option)

2011/12: None

The Warriors owe these guys $18.12 million over 2 years.

In this trade, the Warriors have actually decreased their financial outlay for the next two years, and saved themselves $19.52 million in cap space over the following two years. This is a HUGE financial coup for the Warriors. It cannot be understated: HUGE.

Talentwise, I don't think anybody should much care. Jax had an absolutely awful contract. He was good, but the money owed him would prevent us from going out and getting additional talent. This year, he may have been worth 3-5 extra wins this season (and likely not even that much) over Radman/Bell. What you should read there is that Jax was not going to be the difference between the lottery and the playoffs. If anybody was going to be that difference, it was Monta, Randolph, and health... So far Monta's been in a funk, Randolph struggles to stay on the floor due to his foul trouble and general overexcitement, and we've already lost 3 of our top 4 big men and our best back up swing man to injury. We were in a "if all the right pieces fell right," and all the pieces look like this:



This season, we can already tell, is going to be a wash. Getting rid of Jax and his contract while taking back two much shorter contracts, is probably one of only about 25-30 victories we could have expected this year, given the circumstances of Monta, Randolph, and the injuries.

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