MT2: Warrior comments on Jax trade

On his twitter feed, Marcus Thompson has quotes from Larry Riley, Don Nelson and Monta Ellis on the Jackson trade to Charlotte this morning. UPDATE: MT2 has posted an article using Nellie's and Riley's quotes.

Let's start with Larry Riley:

All in all, after evaluating the thing for several weeks, it was important that we do it now.

- GM Larry Riley

Kind of a general statement, but not of much substance or insight. Then again... this is twitter... sometimes you're not going to get as much as when MT2 puts it to print or to his blog. I short it sounds like Larry Riley just wanted to get any deal done and that this was the easiest one to execute. UPDATE: MT2 has more insight from Riley:

"I thought it was important to explore things as long as we possibly could and show some patience," Riley said. "I also thought it was important that we get something back that we could use to our advantage. But that's easy to say, but wasn't quite so easy to accomplish.

"I'm sure that a lot of people are going to say that the situation became one that they just couldn't go any farther," Riley added. "Really, I think we'd explored things enough that I did it more (because) I really felt that this was as good a deal as we were going to get. And I also thought the time was now. While our young players have done a tremendous job of doing everything that they can to not allow this to become a distraction, I also thought that if we went any further, it probably would've been. Now, was Jack giving me problems? No. Was he giving Nellie problems? No."

And later in the article saying

"It was difficult for me to put Acie in the deal because Acie's playing well and starting to show something," Riley said. "We just looked at the big picture and decided that the two players we were going to acquire, along with the cap (relief), that was enough."

Sounds like Riley was happy with the deal and he even went out of the way to say that Jackson wasn't give him or Nellie problems. Sounds more like spin than anything else.

So what did Don Nelson thing of the deal:

I’m happy for Jack. Something had to be done. I'm happy with the trade. As good as we could do under the circumstances.

- Don Nelson

Nellie sounds defeated in this statement. Basically saying we did the best we do considering he poisoned the well by taking everything public.

Finally, what does new team leader Monta Ellis have to say about his friend Jackson being dealt:

I'm not going to put no more on my back. Somebody else gone have to step up and take on the role that Jack had and be that player.

- Monta Ellis

WOW... There is a lot that can be made just from his statement. First, we have no context to how Monta came to that answer. Maybe he had been hounded by the media with various Jax trade reaction questions and this was just one answer. Or maybe this was just short brush off of the situation. I'm sure MT2 and others will have more to report latter this afternoon. But lets dive into this. "I'm not going to put no more on my back." Could Monta be continuing to vent about Nellie ripping him in NYC last week? Could this be the start of "ME wants out" of playing for the Warriors? Or could this be Monta saying he need more support from him his teammates to make up for Jackson's void?

In my opinion this is the start of Monta demanding a trade out of Golden State himself. It started with team holding the moped incident like noose over his head. It seemed to boil with the drafting of Stephen Curry and started to boil over with the Nellie incident last week in New York. Add today's quote to the list of signs that Monta wants out of 510.

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