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Game Thread #10: Warriors @ Cavaliers - Behold the King

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Originally posted 4:30 AM PST

Uh oh. These guys are the real deal aren't they?

Maybe we can get another crack at Sacramento? Eh? Eh? No? Okay, what about the Clippers? I mean, c'mon - that was a fluke! We can take those guys! No? Can't do it? Okay fine. I see you're going to be like that. No problem. We'll take Indy on again. There you go, you win! You win and we lose. We'll just hop on this flight to Indiana and -

What?! No?! No Indy? I daresay you're being unreasonable sir. But fear not, we are flexible. Alright fellas you heard them! No Indy! Everyone head over to Gate C31 I think there's a flight to Milwaukee boarding. Grab your bags everyone, Gate C31. Yo rookie! CURRY! Take those headphones off and grab my bag. Maybe they can book us back at that Doubletree. They had pretty good mints, right Andr-



...we HAVE to play these guys? Contract? I see. Well, what if I- Lawsuit you say?

Hey isn't the Rock and Roll Hall of fame out there? Cleveland it is.


Their numbers are many.

Warriors: 3-6

Cavaliers: 7-3

Tip-Off: 4:00pm

TV: CSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 680

Blog Buddy: Fear The Sword

Okay maybe I'm being a little pessimistic. After all, we do have a few new bullets in our chamber, don't we? I mean, think about it, as long as Bell and Vlad the Impaler don't go a combined 4-14 in 45 minutes of play, we're on the path to coming out on top! Hahaha; aaaaaaaah bitterness. Sorry Stephen, I was just playing around there.

No I wasn't! HAHAHAHAHA!

No but seriously, we're in for a train wreck tomorrow.I for one will be looking for some good initial chemistry between our new guys and old (relatively speaking) and hoping for the best as we take on King James and company in their own palace.

C'mon Warriors. Surprise me.


  • Raja Bell gives us an efficient 15+
  • James drops over 30.
  • Warriors um... by... uh... The Warriors have a good time. And what's more important than that?