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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Celtics – Can We Just Play Ball?

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Ahhhh memories...

Warriors: 3-7

Celtics: 8-3

Tip-Off: 4:30pm

TV: CSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 1050

Blog Buddy: Celtics Blog

Can we just have one day without drama? Stephen Jackson this and Stephen Jackson that, he wanted to go to a contender but now he's a Bobcat. Monta might want out as well?

I don't expect this game to be close. The Celtics should be able to overpower the Warriors. Back to back on the road facing 2 of the best teams in the league? It's a tough thing for any team to be able to play well in both contests. Throw in the 3 days of rest for the Celtics, all the injuries on the Warriors, playing only 7 guys again and the Warriors will find themselves in a difficult situation. If the game is close in the 4th quarter, that will be quite an achievement. The game will show what these guys are made of and what kind of condition they're in.

Regardless of what I think might happen, I'm still looking forward to this game because:

  1. Monta and Curry did such a great job distributing the ball yesterday. It was nice to watch our two top guards go out there and find the open man and also create shots for teammates.
  2. See if Corey Maggette can keep up what he did yesterday. 11 boards and 3 assists? Really? Wow. Will he continue to grab boards and look to set people up?
  3. Anthony Randolph had a poor first 3 quarters in Cleveland. His 4th quarter was encouraging to see. Apparently Raja Bell told him a few things prior to the 4th. AR was very active on the glass and trying to make things happen on offense in the paint.
  4. Big 3 + Rasheed + Rondo. It's the first chance I'll get to see how the new and improved Celtics look.


  • Warriors by -14
  • Rondo eats Curry for dinner
  • Somebody breaks Ray Allen's ankles just like JC did last year
  • Monta drops 25