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Warriors Web: Golden State Warriors 108, Portland Trail Blazers 94- Monta Ellis drops 34 points

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RECAP: Warriors 108, Blazers 94 - Great way to start a weekend

GSoM Preview/ Game Thread (1690+ comments)

Trail Blazers vs Warriors coverage

Trail Blazers vs Warriors recap

Trail Blazers vs Warriors boxscore


Jump for some pre-GSoM Recap links and videos!


Game 14 Recap: Blazers 94, Warriors 108 - Blazersedge

A recap of the Portland Trail Blazers 108-94 loss to the Golden State Warriors on November 20, 2009.

Game 14 Preview: Blazers vs. Warriors - Blazersedge

With Ellis at top of game, 8 is enough [SFGate]

Monta Ellis scores 34 points as Golden State Warriors rip Portland - Inside Bay Area

Golden State Warriors notebook: Golden State signs Chris Hunter from NBDL - Inside Bay Area

Pre-game Don Nelson, and a Monta Ellis non-update update | Talking Points

* First off: On the Monta Ellis Situation... Sounds like both sides are delaying an official face-to-face after all the build-up (yes, much of the building

Monta Ellis, on his defensive gem vs. Brandon Roy: "I could do that day-in, day-out" | Talking Points

Don Nelson post-game transcript INCLUDED ON BOTTOM to come, but figured I should put up Monta Ellis' comments first. He had an incredible game.

Hope Blazes: Warriors 108 Blazers 94 " Feltbot's Warriors Blog

PopcornMachine's GameFlow

GameFlows or graphical boxscores of NBA games


Stay tuned for the GSoM Recap!