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WNBA Coming to Bay Area: Golden State Monarchs, Bay Area Monarchs, San Jose Monarchs... something like that

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Our sister WNBA and Women's NCAA blog Swish Appeal has the 411 and more:

Jump for some quick thoughts.

Sacramento Kings owners decide to cease owning city's WNBA franchise [AP-Yahoo!]

Thoughts off the backboard:

  • It's sad to see one of the original 8 WNBA franchises just vanish seemingly overnight.
  • Finally we'll have a decent pro hoops squad in the Bay Area. Since 1997 the Monarchs have made the playoffs 9 times and the Warriors of course have only qualified for the spring dance once since then. These 9 playoff appearances have amounted to 2 Conference Championships and 1 WNBA Championship for the Monarchs. Pretty impressive. The one thing that the Monarchs and Warriors have in common is that every time they've gotten to the playoffs they've reached the 2nd round (we're trying to be nice here).
  • Quick: Name a player on the Monarchs.
  • It never really made sense why the WNBA didn't set up shop in the Bay Area to begin with. This is a hoops crazy market that still passionately supports Chris Cohan's endless "rebuilding" project. Also considering the WNBA's sizable lesbian fan base, the Bay Area seems like an ideal fit.
  • It would be shocking to see Cohan assume any major ownership role in a Bay Area WNBA franchise given his current financial struggles. Unfortunately business-wise it's hard to blame him. The WNBA is still a money losing business. It's a largely subsidized effort by the NBA. But who knows? Maybe the Bay Area is a "green" spot for the WNBA.
  • If the Monarchs do move here hopefully they'll change their name. Some WNBA attempted feminized version of "Warriors" could be interesting.

One of the original franchises in the short-lived ABL.